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2024 Elections Guide

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Federal, statewide, and local elections have a significant impact on how we do business. Before you head to the polls, make sure you have all the knowledge needed to make an educated decision. Browse this elections guide to learn more about the current election landscape, the elections process, and how to ensure your vote is counted. Feel free to share this with your colleagues/employees to double the impact!

Primary Election

Purpose of the Primary Election
Primaries are elections that political parties use to select candidates for a general election. Then each party’s candidates run against each other in the general election.

Pennsylvania runs a “Closed Primary”
In a closed primary, voters may only vote in the primary of the party they are registered with. For example, a voter registered as a Republican can only vote in a Republican primary. Unaffiliated or independent voters are not able to participate in the primary.

“Winner takes all” system
In Pennsylvania, the winner of a primary election is the candidate who receives the greatest number of votes, even if he or she does not win an outright majority of votes cast. The parties determine the number of delegates in each state, with Republicans awarding 67 delegates and Democrats awarding 173 delegates to their respective nominating conventions.

Important Dates

April 8

Register to vote by April 8. If you’ve moved, changed your name, or wish to change your party affiliation, you can update your registration status online, by mail, or in person using the voter registration application form.

April 16

Mail-in ballot or absentee ballots must be requested by 5pm. Registered voters can apply for a Mail-in Ballot online, download, print, and mail in an application, or fill out an application in-person at the Lancaster County Office of Elections.

April 23

Completed mail-in ballots must be received by the Lancaster County Office of Elections by 8pm. Ballots may be mailed to: P.O. Box 2139 Lancaster, PA 1760. You can track the progress of your absentee or mail-in ballot at vote.pa.gov/MailBallotStatus. Voters may drop off their own ballots at 150 N Queen St. Suite 117 Lancaster, PA 17603.

Terms and Elections


Governing Body202420232022Term Length
U.S. SenateXX6
U.S. HouseXX2
Other State ExecutiveXX2
State SenateXX4
State HouseXX2
State Supreme CourtX10
Appellate CourtX10
Municipal GovernmentXVaries
School BoardXVaries
Ballot MeasuresXN/A



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