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Lancaster Chamber & Community Foundation Community Benefit Organization Partnership

The Lancaster Chamber recognizes the incredible impact that our local CBO’s have on our community.  In partnership with the Lancaster County Community Foundation, we are here to support, uplift, and assist in moving these missions forward for the greater good of Lancaster County.


In 2023, the Lancaster Chamber and Lancaster County Community Foundation launched a Community Benefit Organization Partnership to support the work of smaller CBO’s, with fewer than 5 FTE’s, and deliver on two main goals: 1) provide resources and network development for smaller CBO’s traditionally underrepresented in the Chamber, and 2) gain feedback, identify gaps, and determine how we can better meet their needs.


Being a member of the Lancaster Chamber includes access to resources, relationships, and ideas that help organizations succeed.

Through this year-long program, your organization will receive a $550 voucher to utilize toward a Chamber membership ($550) and have direct access to our Non-Profit Roundtables.

This initiative is a pilot program and will help to determine how we can structure support for small CBO’s in our community moving forward. The program is funded through the generous support of the Lancaster County Community Foundation, a local organization that supports programs and/or initiatives that meet crucial and changing community needs.

The program will involve additional elements to invest in the success of the organization’s participants:

  • Participants will be invited to participate in select CEO Roundtables and/or Continue the Conversation opportunities with members in the Partner and Chair Circle levels.
  • The Chamber will highlight the organization’s participants in blogs and through other communication methods.
  • Based on identified interest areas, the Chamber will facilitate connections to niche groups or programmatic/event opportunities.
  • If requested, the Chamber will work to identify and make introductions to other members.

The participants will commit to the following:

  • Participate in an orientation program.
  • Attend our CBO Roundtables and other appropriate programs, including mixers and Get Connected.
  • Provide feedback to the Chamber at facilitated bi-monthly meetings on specific topics and participate in surveys or feedback forms.
  • Participate in a program exit interview.
  • Participation in this partnership could require 2-3 hours a month.

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If you have questions about the Community Benefit Organization Partnership, contact Tom Wallace, Director of Business Development at

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