Top 5 Takeaways from the April Lancaster Chamber Consortiums focusing on Business and Education Partnerships - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Top 5 Takeaways from the April Lancaster Chamber Consortiums focusing on Business and Education Partnerships

At our April Consortium Meetings, the Lancaster Chamber was joined by businesses, community partners, and education partners to discuss Business and Education Partnerships, while highlighting the work of the Career Ready Lancaster! program and the INSPIRE Lancaster platform.  Here are the top 5 Takeaways from the April Consortiums:

1. Setting the stage: Over the next 10 years – for every one new job added, we will have a person to fill it. However, as that one position gets filled, SEVEN jobs will become available from retirement and people leaving the workforce. Workforce is not only the crisis of the moment – but it is something we need to continue to strategize for – recruitment, retention, innovation & technology. One path we know could be a solution, is continued support and strategic thinking on our current pipeline – our K-12 Students!

2.  Career Ready Lancaster! is an incredibly collaborative approach to County workforce challenges. You can see more about their process via the slides from the Consortium Presentation.

3. CRL! is currently targeting high school students as the first group that can be impacted by this program – but will continue to seek opportunities to broaden their scope of work. For more information on other populations like re-entry or skilling up, visit PA Careerlink of Lancaster County.

4.  Inspire Lancaster platform is a way for your business to support the next generation of workforce – right now! Learn more here, sign up here, or connect with Julianne Flood, Inspire Lancaster Coordinator,

5. Businesses can engage with Career Ready Lancaster! (CRL!) by visiting the website, here. Ways you can connect with CRL! as a business:

  • CRL! can help your business understand what job shadowing, guest speakers, business tours, internships, co-ops and various experiential learning looks like, so you can see what will work for your business!
  • CRL! can help make the connection between your business and schools across the County – so you have a connection point for things like job fairs, opportunities and more.
  • You can align your business’ onboarding or recruitment skills with what the schools are teaching students – click here to learn about The High 5.
  • Share your business – what do you do? Be a part of the Career Stories so that students know all the opportunities available across Lancaster County! On Inspire Lancaster or on the Career Inspiration page on CRL!’s website.
  • Connect with Kim Patrick – CRL! Coordinator –

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