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Connecting Today’s Employers with The Workforce of Tomorrow

The Lancaster County STEM Alliance and the Lancaster Chamber have teamed up to create and implement a work-based learning platform for employers, schools, students, and families in Lancaster County. This innovative project addresses one of the greatest challenges related to business and education partnerships: efficiently and effectively matching employers with schools and students who are interested in specific work-based learning experiences such as apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing, company tours, and mentoring opportunities.

Inspire Lancaster is a work-based learning platform for employers, schools, students and families in Lancaster County. It closes the gap on efficiently and effectively matching employers with schools and K-12 students who are interested in specific work-based learning experiences.
One of the main reasons Lancaster County has such a thriving business community is due to businesses like yours. Our goal, as the Inspire Lancaster Coordinator, is to connect area students with businesses like yours. In turn, this would help students learn more about your company, careers associated with your business, and opportunities that may be available at your organization.

Preparing Students for an Ever-changing Workforce

By integrating with Inspire Lancaster’s platform, employers can connect with students and career planners to communicate safely and securely via a cloud-based platform. Through this exciting technology, inquisitive students can find out about your company via their fingertips!


In the past, helping students connect with businesses in areas of career interests, has been a challenging situation. Inspire Lancaster’s platform will ease this scenario by utilizing a central hub,, where students and educators can easily interact with local employers.
Learn how Inspire Lancaster is the new “two-way street” Lancaster County’s students and local businesses. This opportunity would allow your business to get their name out to students who may not know what type of local careers would be a perfect fit for them.
Inspire Lancaster
If you have questions about Inspire Lancaster, please reach out to Juliane Flood at .

What Type of Experiences Can Your Business Offer?

There are a variety of experiences and opportunities that your business could offer students on the Lancaster Inspire platform.
  • Job Shadow
  • Mini Job Shadow
  • Business Tour
  • Mentorship
  • Service Learning
  • Internship
  • Co-Op
  • Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Career Interview
  • Guest Career Speaker
  • Career Day Speaker
  • Mock Interview
  • Industry Tours
  • Teacher Externship
  • Teachers as Temporary Workers
Learn More about each of these experiences:

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