TriStarr Named “Great Recruiters Certified 2022” - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

TriStarr Named “Great Recruiters Certified 2022”

TriStarr Named “Great Recruiters Certified 2022”

Lancaster, Pa — July 6, 2022 – TriStarr announced today it has been named Great Recruiters Certified 2022 by Great Recruiters, a leading experience and reputation management platform specifically designed for recruiting and staffing organizations.

Great Recruiters Certified 2022 recipients have earned this distinction by putting into place and following processes to ensure a great experience for their candidates and customers, as well as displaying review ratings that demonstrate their commitment to the highest level of recruitment practices. These recipients commit to excellence by offering a simple way to provide transparency to the experience they provide for future job-seekers and to clients who are interested in working with their staffing organization in the future.

“TriStarr is among those staffing organizations that sets the standard for innovation, success, and candidate and client satisfaction in the incredibly competitive world of recruitment,” said Scott Fiore, President. “This certification is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and commitment made by our staff who,aspire to transform the reputation of the recruiting industry.”

In order to be considered as a Great Recruiter Certified 2022, recruiting firms must meet a set of criteria, which includes being on the Great Recruiters platform for a minimum of six months; regularly soliciting feedback from jobs-seekers and placed talent; achieving an average Great Recruiters rating of 4.6 or higher; and at least 33% of the agency’s recruiting team achieving Great Recruiter certification.

TriStarr, the leading Staffing Firm in Lancaster and South Central Pennsylvania, has been serving clients and job seekers for more than 30 years, specializing in administrative, clerical and professional placements.


About Great Recruiters:

Great Recruiters was founded in 2017 with a simple mission to increase trust and transparency in the recruitment industry. Great Recruiters provide its clients with a simple and meaningful way to capture, act-on, measure, and promote real-time feedback from those they serve. In an industry with low barriers to entry, Great Recruiters believes it is imperative to help job seekers find and identify great recruiters and staffing companies that can help serve their needs.

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