In Response to Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis & Resources for Business Community - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

As we watch the war in Ukraine unfolding, the Lancaster Chamber hopes for a peaceful, expedient resolution that ends in freedom for the people of Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine is a violation of sovereignty, puts people across Ukraine at risk, and ignores the belief in democratic principles that allow people to be free and thrive.  We join the world in saying, “Glory to Ukraine!”

Lancaster County has served as a welcoming community to refugees from Ukraine and the former Soviet Union for decades. While governments have moved to appropriately punish Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is important that we as a community show support for Ukrainians and Russian expats who similarly denounce the war and offer our hospitality when the time comes.

The invasion, and sanctions following, are not only a driver of uncertainty and instability, but the impacts to businesses will be fluid and the economic impacts will come over time. Further supply chain disruption, inflation, and rising energy costs are all issues being closely watched. We are tracking the U.S. Chamber’s response and will keep members apprised of any actions taken at the state and federal level that may directly effect your business.


Per SHRM, “The war in Ukraine has many people on edge. Some employees are likely feeling saddened, shocked and powerless to help. People with family and friends in Ukraine and Russia may feel an even greater degree of grief and despair.”

It is important that employers give thought to how they can support employees during this time. Click below for information on how business leaders can support employees affected by the crisis.

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has compiled a list of how companies and non-profits are responding to the war in Ukraine. Click below for the full list of examples.

If you have a local example of how your company is supporting Ukraine, please send it to so we can add it to this blog post.


Per Forbes, The U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, which is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued an unusual warning to business that says they should be prepared to defend against cyber attacks originating from Russia. “Every organization—large and small—must be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber activity,” the agency says in its warning. “In the wake of continued denial of service and destructive malware attacks affecting Ukraine and other countries in the region, we are working very closely with our Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) and international computer emergency readiness team (CERT) partners to understand and rapidly share information on these ongoing malicious cyber activities,” the CISA statement says. The guidance includes reducing the likelihood of damage, taking steps to detect an attack, making sure your organization is prepared to respond, and maximizing resilience, which includes testing backup procedures and making sure manual controls are available.

In November, the Lancaster Chamber held a session on cybersecurity that featured IT professionals, the FBI, and an attorney to discuss preventative measures and how to address a breach. You can access that recording below.

As the news continues to unfold, please know we will do our best to keep you informed on those issues that directly impact business.  In the meantime, please join us in being vigilant during this time of worldwide crisis.  Vigilant in our support for the people of Ukraine; vigilant in the protection of your workforce and workplace; and vigilant in our belief in democracy.

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