Lancaster Airport Now Connects To Washington/Dulles - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

The Lancaster Airport now connects to the Washington/Dulles airport with Southern Airways Express furthering an initiative to become even more accessible for fliers.

On Wednesday, August 4, a group of guests from Lancaster County boarded a flight to celebrate the change and attend a special ”grand opening” event by the MWAA (Metro Washington Airports Authority).

“We are excited that the Lancaster Airport now connects to Washington/Dulles,” said Tom Baldrige, Lancaster Chamber President & CEO. “As we continue to think about how we make Lancaster County more accessible and more connected, especially as it pertains to workforce and economic sustainability, we are grateful to have transportation services adapting to changing landscapes.”

It was imperative that this new connection resulted in accessibility and ease.

“It’s going to be much more convenient now with this connection to Washington/Dulles,” said Ed Foster, Director at the Lancaster Airport. “You buy tickets at the Lancaster Airport, get free parking, have access to 55 countries and everywhere in the United States, and there are no issues to connect in Washington/Dulles. It’s convenient, hassle-free, and easy.”

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