Introduction to Thyme & Seasons Catering and Riverdale Manor Host of Excellence Exchange Program       - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Introduction to Thyme & Seasons Catering and Riverdale Manor Host of Excellence Exchange Program       

By Maureen Raezer, Owner

We were absolutely thrilled when we heard that the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce was hosting the Excellence Exchange program. This is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and exchange experiences with a diverse group of businesses throughout Lancaster County. Thyme & Seasons Catering, and Riverdale Manor are excited to co-host and participate in the Excellence Exchange program and cultivate business success across our community

Background and Introduction to Thyme & Seasons Catering and Riverdale Manor

We opened Thyme & Seasons Cafe & Catering almost 30 years ago when Lancaster City was on the cusp of a comeback.  Downtown still had retailers that were institutions, but the City had faded. The local government knew it was essential to reach out to potential small businesses owners. We were introduced to several local leaders and opened our business at the beginning of a significant growth period in Lancaster City. Increasing diversity in our community presented a unique opportunity to marry Lancaster County’s historical charm with the vibrant cultures and flavors that new residents brought with them. We established our business on E. King St. near the Lancaster County Courthouse.  We were next door to what is now the new home of the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It proved to be a great place to get the pulse of the community.  It was quickly apparent there was an immense need for offsite special event catering. Thyme and Seasons Catering serves as Lancaster’s top corporate and special events caterer and offers Lancaster’s premier wedding & events destination, Riverdale Manor.

Thyme & Seasons Catering and Riverdale Manor has become a nationally recognized and award-winning business leader in the Lancaster community. This success is built on our drive to develop and implement certain business best practices, which advocate our business goals and social responsibilities.

> Social Entrepreneurship | We believe that a business can be socially conscious and profitable.

> Living Wage | We have always paid a wage substantially above minimum wage and will continue to do so.  We find a path for employees to be eligible for health care and plan for a future in management.   

> Diversity and Social Justice | We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, and we are also active in our community to help promote social justice and equality. We believe in inclusive economic development that provides equal opportunity for both employees and clients regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

> Health and Safety | We always create a healthy environment for our clients, their guests, and our staff. We accomplish this by enrolling staff in safety education courses (Serve Safe and RAMP), internal training, and leading by example.

> Stewardship | We understand that every business decision we make has an immediate and lasting impact on our environment. We embrace sustainability by reducing plastic and food waste and carefully sourcing food and products.  We are also dedicated to preserving the land, the wildlife, and the rich history of Riverdale Manor.

> Mentorship | We believe in paying it forward and that we have an obligation to teach, mentor, and share both our industry and our life experiences with the next generation. We strive to support and assist every staff member in finding their path forward in life.

These practices ensure that we remain competitive during difficult economic times, retain key talent, and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to improving our community and industry. Having the discipline to establish and consistently apply our best practices has allowed us to stay nimble during changing trends and evolve our business to best suit our client’s needs.

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