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Continuing the Underrepresented Business Partnership
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By Javar Colon, Business Development Specialist, Lancaster Chamber

During the year 2022, our Lancaster Chamber launched our first Underrepresented Business Partnership, which was powered by 10 diverse-owned businesses. The 10 businesses that we partnered with last year were: Eden Environments, Elume, Natural Inclination LLC, Disrupt Theatre Company, Chyatee, Aligned For Life Chiropractic, Beauty By Judelyne Makeup Bar & Spa, Waller Tax & Financial Services, Lancaster County Deck Preservers, and Monarch Enterprise Incorporated. Aside from having the honor of engaging in bi-monthly discussions with these 10 phenomenal entrepreneurs, we were able to extend our membership benefits to each business, as well as find ways to uplift the work that each business is engaged in. Throughout 2022, there were many reasons to celebrate this partnership, but equally as important, there were various moments of enlightenment which resulted in us adjusting the way that our Lancaster Chamber operated. Previous to our first year with the UBP, we did not have a process in place to capture metrics concerning our presenters, and this is no longer the case with our programs. We are now intentional in ensuring that our presenters are representative of our entire community, and the only way to be intentional is to capture data to help us understand where we are, then use that data to help move us move forward in an ethically responsible direction. The discussions that took place during our first UBP would have been meaningless if action was not taken as the first year unfolded, as well as after we had the chance to reflect on everything that we learned during 2022. Action is the key point to this partnership, because we realize the amount of time that we are asking each business to invest, and we are transparent in our efforts to become the best chamber in this country, as we strive to provide a prosperous environment for ALL of our Lancaster County business community members.  

As we move to shed light on the 2023 Underrepresented Business Partnership, we must first celebrate a few key highlights from our first UBP in 2022. Last year, we assisted with 3 ribbon-cutting ceremonies for our UBP, we partnered with 5 of the businesses to speak at different events, and a few of the businesses attended our 150th Annual Dinner. Aaron Camara, founder of Monarch Enterprise Incorporated, hosted our first Hispanic Business Lunch Celebration last year, and Timbrel Chyatee was nominated as a Lancaster Chamber board member for a term beginning in 2023. Timbrel’s first year as a chamber member was met with unforeseen challenges for her business from a trademarking perspective, which ultimately resulted in a business name change. Through the challenges of re-branding, operating a storefront in Lancaster, while operating a second location in India, Timbrel consistently brought key insight to our meetings, a smile, and spoke at our YPN Peer Leaders Summit. Our Marketing Director, Justin Johnson, met Timbrel through our UBP, and ultimately purchased his 2021 Annual Dinner blazer from Chyatee. Chyatee’s mission is to “create a more sustainable and beautiful world, one piece of CHYATEE at a time”, and now Timbrel helps push our mission forward as a board member for the Lancaster Chamber. Lastly, Judelyne Bataille, the founder of Beauty By Judelyne Makeup Bar & Spa, had a great experience during 2022, and was selected to serve as the co-lead for our 2023 UBP.  

This year we are proud to be partnered with 5 fantastic businesses, as we near the halfway point of our 2nd Underrepresented Business Partnership! In the following pages, you will learn more about Patients R Waiting, Communication Essentials, TPC Media Group, Unique Lancaster Experiences, as well as Beauty By Judelyne Makeup Bar & Spa.  

Beauty By Judelyne 

What would you like for the community to know about you and your business? 

I take pride in creating clean great products that great for the skin, hair and body. I take great pride in going above and beyond to make my clients feel comfortable throughout their service big or small. I take great pride in creating a space for my client that is good for their mind, body & soul.  

What is the best way for community members to engage with your business? 

 There are several ways community members can engage with your business. Here are some of the best ways: 

  1. Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram 
  1. Website: My website is a great place for community members to engage with my business. I share information about my all my products and services, post blogs etc. 
  1. Events: participate in my events is a great way to engage face-to-face. I host brunch, workshops, seminars, and webinars to educate the community. 
  1. Email Marketing: subscribe to my email news letter  
  1. Come experience the  excellent customer service, Make sure you dedicated some time for yourself by schedule your service of choice. 

What is the mission or vision for your business, or both? 

My mission is to empower every client to find their highest self one service and product at time. Beauty By Judelyne vision is to one day have a big space where Afro Caribbean people can come to learn, inform, share knowledge and stay connected to their culture, for the future generations  

Five years from now, what does happiness and success look like for you and your business? 

Traveling around the world teaching people how to create business out of the talents and passion . To have Beauty By Judelyne Academic teaching other women and men.  

Communication Essentials LLC 

1. What would you like for the community to know about you and your business?  

Communication Essentials LLC, a social enterprise, proudly provides quality language services such as language access consulting, training, interpretation, translation, and multilingual outreach.  

Our business model is unique because we can genuinely connect with others to create partnerships while providing the exceptional and compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, browse our site.   

2. What is the best way for community members to engage with your business?  

We have solutions for non-profits, government entities, and businesses to allow them to communicate easily with their employees and clients. Contact me at, and let’s chat about your needs.  

3. What is the mission or vision for your business, or both?  

We live in a very diverse and thriving community, and our mission is to remove language barriers and facilitate multilingual communication.   

4. Five years from now, what does happiness and success look like for you and your business?  

As a social enterprise, we care about our partner’s success like ours. So we’ve partnered with others on multiple levels to create welcoming spaces for all. Happiness is to see the continuation of advancing language justice in our community.  

Whitney Lupton, TCP Media Group 


What services or products do you offer?  

We support businesses in expending their Corporate voice by offering both internal (in office) and external (public) podcasting services.  

What drives you every day to do this work?  

Helping others learn that what they have to say about their business and services are important and people need to know.  

How could our community be of the most help to your business?  

Refer us to others.  

Kendra Fraiser – Unique Lancaster Experiences 

What would you like for the community to know about you and your business?  
My business embodies the spirit of Lancaster! I create “fun things to do” from the things that are already here in our amazing city. We love Lancaster and want to share its hidden gems with everyone we encounter. Unique Lancaster Experiences offer fun activities for everyone! We create all types of engaging activities in downtown. Discounts are available for groups! Come learn about Lancaster and support small business.  
What is the best way for community members to engage with your business?  
The Best way to engage with Unique Lancaster Experiences is to grab your friends, family, or colleagues and sign up for an experience!  Come join us for an Electric Bicycle Tour, International Food Tour, or The Lancaster City Scavenger Hunt!  Discounts are available for groups! Come learn about Lancaster and support small businesses.  

What is the mission or vision for your business, or both? 
Our mission is to create memorable experiences for both tourists and locals in Lancaster, Pa. Every tour and experience supports minorities, entrepreneurs, immigrants, and refugees in the process.  

Five years from now, what does happiness and success look like for you and your business? 
The founder of Unique Lancaster Experiences, Kendra Wolfe loves to be creative! She founded the only black owned tourism company in Pennsylvania in 2020. Within 5 years she will have an LTA Pilot license to operate Hot Air Balloons in Lancaster. She also hopes to expand the business to Hostel stays in downtown Lancaster. 

Dr. Cherise Hamblin, Patients Are Waiting 

What services or products do you offer?  

Mission- Patients R Waiting is an initiative dedicated to eliminating health disparities by increasing diversity in medicine. Our 3 areas of focus are increasing the pipeline of minority clinicians, making the pipeline of minority clinicians less leaky and supporting minority clinicians in practice. 

What drives you every day to do this work?  

Every day it is not uncommon for a patient to say that I am the first black physician that they have seen, or the first physician that is able to speak Spanish. Our patients deserve to feel comfortable while receiving care, and they deserve to have the medical community reflect the community at large. 

How could our community be of the most help to your business?  

Helps comes in many different ways, but donations are vital to the success of nonprofits, your dollars will help Patients R Waiting fulfill their mission. Additionally, when PRW holds events, your support is needed, your attendance if possible, and the sharing of the events on social media.  

We have to tap into the untapped resources in black and brown communities to have improved equity, and we progress as a whole when we provide support to these communities. Currently, Patients R Waiting is addressing the maternal mortality crisis by providing Lancaster Black and Latinx expectant moms with doula support. The health disparity experienced by women of color surrounding childbirth is heightened by COVID-19. Doulas can help to meet the emotional support needed by providing care and education, virtually and in person. The paucity of doulas of color in Lancaster is also being addressed by our doula training program. Follow Patients R Waiting on Instagram and Facebook!  


Javar Colon

Business Development Specialist

Lancaster Chamber

This article was first printed in our Spring/Summer 2023 Edition of Thriving Magazine. You can read more here: Lancaster Chamber Thriving Magazine

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