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The Lancaster Chamber strives to provide opportunity for local business and community leaders to share insight and perspective on a variety of current topics.

Since Summer 2020, we have been elevating voices from the community through our Words That Activate Change series. This campaign is focused on uplifting voices in our community that encourage dialogue, cultivate transformation, offer thought-provoking ideas, and challenge all of us to be better, be stronger, and, most importantly, be advocates for systemic change within both our community and our workforce.

Please explore all 16 stories and look out for more powerful, inspiring articles coming soon!

2020 Articles:

Article 1: Diversity Education & Workforce Development by Dr. Daniel Wubah

Article 2: Celebrating Diversity & Fostering Community by Deepa Balepur 

Article 3: Beyond Pride Month: Celebrating LGBTQ Communities by Todd Snovel

Article 4: Paying The Cost – Learning About Racism And A Call For Business To Invest In Its Eradication by Kevin Ressler

Article 5: My Company Performed Diversity Training. Now What? by Jennifer Craighead Carey

Article 6: Leadership as Confession, Humility, and the Courage to Act by Andy Dula

Article 7: A Call To Advocate For Better Inclusion Of People With Disabilities by Bill Kepner

Article 8: A Taste Of Community And Diversity by Cinthia Kettering

Article 9: Supporting Sustainable & Local Business During An Uncertain Time by Timbrel Chyatee

Article 10: Creatively Serving our Aging Community By Larry Zook

Article 11: Inspired Knowledge by Vic Rodgers

Article 12: The Veterans Among Us: The Value They Can Bring To Organizations by Brigadier General David E. Wood

Article 13: Fostering An Inclusive Work Environment by Alexandra Jorgensen

Article 14: How To Build A Welcoming Image by By Heidi Castillo and Olé Hongvanthong

2021 Articles:

Article 15: The Pathway to Prosperity by Vanessa Philbert

Article 16: Dreaming Of And Striving For A Secure Home For All by Mike McKenna

Stay tuned for even more perspectives this year as we hear from a variety of local business and community leaders sharing insightful commentary on our society, our community, and our workforce.

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