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We are excited to announce that our 2021 Wage & Benefits survey results are available for purchase on our website. 

The wage portion of the survey includes county-level salary information on more than 325 jobs, with data on maximum, minimum and average wages, rate ranges, annual wage adjustments, and wage histories. We’ve also included a section on internship wages and benefits.

The policies and benefits results include local companies’ practices on wage administration, incentive pay and compensation trends, recruitment and onboarding, vacation policies, retirement policies and more. An executive summary by the Central Penn Business Group on Health will be provided in December.

This year, we had over 100 companies participate! Organizations who have participated in the past have shared with us about the benefits of participating:

We feel that the wage surveys are a valuable resource when setting wages for our employees. The more companies represented in the various positions, the data better reflects the community as a whole and assists with striving to be competitive and the current economic environment.

Every year we participate in the Lancaster Chamber Wage and Benefit Survey. This is a very important tool to ensure we remain competitive with our compensation and benefits packages. It does take work to compile but the ROI on that time invested is priceless in our strategic efforts to recruit and retain top talent in Lancaster County. Thanks to the Chamber and Paige for putting this together year after year.

“Every year, we complete the Wage and Benefit Survey and in turn use this valuable information to support and guide important decisions like annual pay increases and healthcare offerings. We rely on this information to ensure that we are providing our employees the means they need to thrive, both at work and at home, thus helping us excel as an organization and helping both our internal and external community prosper.

The Wage & Benefits survey is a great benchmarking tool for organizations to evaluate their offerings in comparison with the local average. Browse our shop and purchase the results today!

Now more than ever, companies need to make sure they’re staying competitive in a time where it is difficult to recruit and retain employees. The Chamber wants to make sure you have the resources you need to succeed. To do so, we need your organization to participate in the 2022 Wage, Policies & Benefits Survey.

Opening the participation early will allow us to collect responses for a longer period, but ultimately will allow us to report the results of the survey even sooner. Your participation will not only guarantee you discounted rates to the results of the survey, but you will also be a part of strengthening this important resource for the community.

Rest assured your data is only used in the aggregate, but if you have any questions about participation, please contact pbarr@lancasterchamber.com.  

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