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Below is a statement from the Lancaster Chamber on 01-08-2021.

American democracy came under assault this week.  And the Lancaster Chamber condemns the behavior of the rioters and perpetuators of untruths in the strongest of terms.  It bent –but, most importantly, didn’t break- all that we hold true about our democracy and way-of-life in the United States.

As the week comes to a close, we can take some comfort in the fact that democracy has prevailed.  The transition will occur.  And it is now time for America to look forward and deal with the many challenges at hand to ensure our prosperous future.  The times demand it, the issues are many.

Part of going forward invites all of us to look in the mirror.  What role –be it activist, conspiracy theorist, pacifist, enabler or just sitting on the sideline and watching it all happen– did we all play in bringing our Country to this point?  And how must we all assess our own behavior to ensure it never happens again.  We encourage all of us to use the coming days and weeks for that self-reflection.

The same holds true for the local business community.

As we are quick to point fingers and/or cast aspersion or praise to our elected officials, it is important to consider the significant role business can play in advancing calm in our Country, in providing hope for our citizens and in serving as a role model for all that is decent and true.  And there has never been a more critical time for businesses to step-up and assess their role in that regard.

Next Tuesday, the US Chamber will be (virtually) hosting their annual signature event, State of American Business (register for the event here).  While the free program will likely be of interest to many, it is worth noting that they have adjusted the content to include a special discussion about the role of the business community in strengthening democracy.  We invite and encourage all of you to attend. You do not have to be a member of the US Chamber to participate.

In addition, our Annual Business meeting, being held via six, hour-long webinars throughout the day on January 27 (find all of the sessions in this calendar listing), will bring that discussion closer to home as we have added a segment to explore the role business can play in providing information, calling-for-calm and championing democracy in Lancaster County.

To state the obvious, 2020 was a year like no other.  And it has left many businesses, people and institutions reeling.

Our hope is that 2021 can prove to be a year like no other, as well.  Yet, the 2021 “no other” is one of hope, rebuilding, gained confidence, coming together and a commitment to our Country’s –and our County’s—prosperous future. 

Above is a statement from the Lancaster Chamber on 01-08-2021.

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