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Small Business is Good Business

By Anne Williams, Director of Communications, Lancaster City Alliance
A feature piece from our Spring 2024 issue of the Lancaster Thriving Publication.

The economic impact of small business on our community can transform lives for the better. We know that many entrepreneurs and small businesses owners are women and people of color. What better way to energize our community than by lifting up others in support of their small business. You will help to increase economic security for our community and bring new perspectives, innovation, and fresh faces to the business community.  

Big ideas are welcome here because supporting our entrepreneurs creates jobs that hire a local workforce and can transform strangers into neighbors. Need proof? Lancaster City, nationally certified as a Welcoming City has a robust small business climate that serves its visitors, workforce, and the City’s diverse neighborhoods. This connects the community in ways that could never happen if residents and visitors had to go elsewhere for shopping, dining, entertainment, and basic services.  Even with this success there’s still opportunity for business growth, not just in the City, but across Lancaster County.  

Smart growth happens by supporting local, small businesses, but also when you create an environment that attracts entrepreneurs and allows them to thrive. Access to business resources such as mentoring, financial support, networking opportunities, and more. Small business is good business and in Lancaster County I hope you will join the members of Cultivate Lancaster in recognizing the need for a thriving, small business community.  

Anne Williams, Director of Communications, Lancaster City Alliance  

Cultivate Lancaster, is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s, hub for startup and small business resources. It provides a platform for organizations who support small businesses to connect and collaborate; and, provides a platform for small businesses to identify resources, meet business support organizations, and network with each other.


Cultivate offers a space for small businesses to identify resources and funding, meet with business support organizations, and network with each other.


Find everything you need to know about starting a small business in Lancaster County, from organizations who can help you solidify your business idea to funding opportunities.

Go to to learn more. 

If you have any questions about attending, participating in, sponsoring, or otherwise partnering with the Cultivate Lancaster Entrepreneurship Coalition, contact, Karen King.

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