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Please Tell Me Why
Young Professional Network (YPN)

by Laura L. Schanz, Senior Consultant, Laura Schanz Consulting Associate, LLC

As you consider learning and growth opportunities, you may be asking yourself the why-question. (Cue the Backstreet Boys here!) I heard a speaker a number of years ago that said, “If we want to avoid heartbreaks and mistakes, we can learn from the wisdom of others or learn from making our own mistakes.” Frankly he shared, “I’d rather learn from the mistakes of others, it’s less heartbreaking!”

Author Simon Sinek wrote the now business classic, Start with Why. Sinek says exploring and understanding “the why” is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us.

As emerging leaders, it is vital to start with why. If we have a desire to inspire ourselves to greater levels of effectiveness, and inspire those around us, always start with why.  Ask the important why questions: why take the time, invest the energy, and spend the money to participate in the Lancaster Chamber Emerging Leadership Development Training series?

Undoubtedly, emerging leaders face unique opportunities and challenges in their role to help create environments where team members can be and become the most effective versions of themselves. If one has a desire to help others be and become the most effective version of themselves, the leader has a responsibility to demonstrate a commitment to their own personal and professional development.

No matter what age or stage of life you find yourself, leaders are lifelong learners who recognize investing the time, energy, and money into learning opportunities is the gateway to being and becoming more effective.

In day-to-day reality, your workplace may or may not afford you the opportunity to work with an experienced and effective leader/manger/executive. Your organization may not provide formal internal growth and development opportunities. You may not be the beneficiary of an experienced leader/manager/coach who spends intentional time with you monthly, discussing your present and future roles, clarifying your development objectives, and engaging in giving and receiving productive feedback.

Emerging leaders are often left to determine how to navigate their own personal and professional development. Questions abound on how to contribute to your team in a confident manner when you think or feel like you may not be competent due to any number of factors, such as age, formal education, certification, level of experience or tenure.

We have designed the Lancaster Chamber Emerging Leadership Development Training series with you in mind. We invite you to invest your time, energy, and money in a learning and growth opportunity that will help equip you at this stage of your development as you seek to inspire yourself and others to greater levels of effectiveness on your life-learning journey.

During the series we will examine how confidence can be grounded in a healthy belief in your potential and in your willingness to develop your characteristics as you acquire skills and gain experience.

Our effectiveness is a sum total of our life, vocational, and educational experiences each day. Developing ourselves is a lifelong habit and discipline that can be cultivated if we have a desire to expand our capacity to be effective.

The subject matter we will explore, tools we will utilize, and strategies we will delve into include:

Session 1:

Theme: The Competence/Confidence Equation

Focus: Self-Awareness/Self-Management

Session 2:

Theme: Exploring & Navigating Change Effectively

Focus: Understanding the Traits of Change Readiness

Session 3:

Theme: Embracing a Leadership Mindset

Focus: Exploring the 12 Tenants of an Effective Leader

Session 4:

Theme: Strengthening Each Link on Your Team

Focus: 1-1 Coaching/Develop Yourself – Develop Others

The Lancaster Chamber Emerging Leadership Development Training series will also include the opportunity to complete a Change Ready Profile as one of the added value learning tools to help increase self-awareness as it relates to each participant’s level of change readiness.

Leaders “go first” and as emerging leaders we encourage you to take initiative, display courage, and use wisdom as you navigate your role. We are excited to welcome emerging leaders with a desire to be and become more effective as their “why” and we would love to have you join us as you seek to inspire yourself and others!

If you have any questions about the Lancaster Chamber Emerging Leadership Development Training, please contact Ashley Glensor at or (717) 696-6240.

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