Outsourcing IT Support for Your Small Business 
Maximizing Efficiency: How to Outsource IT Support for Your Small Business 
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By Nicholas Paulukow – A feature piece from our Fall-Winter 2023 issue of the Lancaster Thriving Publication!

Have you found yourself asking the following questions?   

  • “Does my company have limited internal IT resources?” 
  • “Are my current IT costs outweighing the benefits?” 
  • “Is my time consumed by IT management instead of primary goals?” 

If so, consider outsourcing your IT support! 

What is IT Outsourcing? 

When outsourcing your IT, you hire a third party to deliver IT services and infrastructure solutions. These external service providers are known as Managed Service Providers or MSPs. 

When working with an MSP, your company hands over specific tasks and other IT-related projects. This can include infrastructure, directing strategy, maintenance, running the service desk, and other functions. The MSP can manage your entire IT environment or co-manage with someone on your team. 

Ultimately, the outsourcing of tasks will be determined by your company’s overall goals and what you want to achieve. Regardless of whether you choose managed or co-managed, your business will see benefits. 

How to Outsource IT Support 

One of the best ways to get started is to take a NIST assessment. The essential assessment takes less than 15 minutes, and it will point out the Critical and High security gap issues. 

What are the Benefits of Outsourced IT Support? 

As technology continues to develop, it’s not required to have resources in-house. This opens a world of opportunities for your business, including: 

Cost Control: hiring an in-house tech team can be expensive. Outsourcing IT support allows a business to obtain high-quality work at a low cost. 

Time Savings: managers can delegate tasks to their MSPs so that in-house teams can focus on internal projects that need priority. For start-ups and new businesses, this helps decrease time to market. 

Industry Experts: you’re bringing expertise to your team that you would not have access to otherwise. 

Potential IT Outsourcing Challenges 

When looking to outsource IT support, there are a few items that you’ll want to pay attention to, like where the MSP is located, what their history is, and whether they have a solid security plan in place. Hiring a reliable vendor will ensure the success of your long-term goals. 

Depending on the outsourcing model you choose, the MSP you hire could be out of state, in a different time zone, and even in a foreign country. So, consider time differences and potential language barriers. 

Look at the vendor’s website to get a better understanding of the industries and markets they serve. Does the MSP have a client list or portfolio of clients you can view? How long has the MSP been in business? If this information is not listed on the MSP’s website, it should be available during initial conversations. 

Remember, when outsourcing your IT, you present sensitive information to a third party. Ensure the vendor includes language within the Master Service Agreement (MSA) that addresses security concerns. 

Here’s to maximizing your efficiency and increasing overall cybersecurity! 

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