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Statement from the Lancaster Chamber on 6/4/2020

Sadly, the death of George Floyd only serves to remind us what we’ve already known, but too often overlook: there are ugly truths in our society, in our justice system and, in fact, in many of our hearts that demand to be addressed. 

Now is not the time for silence. Now is the time for action from our entire community to engage in conversation, to take the time to listen to affected individuals and communities, and to work toward solutions focused on creating a better, more inclusive Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Chamber stands with those committed to this critical, impactful, and positive change.

We have long held the belief that it is essential to foster a community wherein every resident can live up to their fullest potential, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

We commit to doing better. We will do better by expecting more from ourselves and our business community. This means providing effective education on equitable hiring practices, helping to create diverse and inclusive company cultures, developing all individuals through training and advancement opportunities, and acknowledging that there is always progress to be made to ensure our County helps everyone thrive.

It is only when our workforce—and quite frankly, our community—reflects a more inclusive and equitable place, can Lancaster County truly thrive. 

We pledge to do our part to advance these principles – within our own organization and throughout the entire business community. And we pledge to be part of the dedicated, intentional process to create sustainable change in Lancaster County.

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