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New Team Members: Staff Spotlight
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This past month, the Chamber has added a new team member to the organization. We would like to introduce you to Alex Swan!

Alex Swan, Data Management Intern

As a Data Management Intern, Alex will be responsible for tracking, analyzing, and preparing the results of the 2024 Wage and Policies Survey.

Every year, the Lancaster Chamber connects with businesses across Lancaster County to collect wage and policy data through the Wage & Policies Survey. Our data collection focuses on operations in Lancaster County. Alex took a few moments to talk about the three C’s of the Wage & Policies Survey.


As an organization entrusted by the business community at large in Lancaster County, we take tremendous pride in ensuring that your company’s data is kept confidential. We do this by storing the data in the Chamber’s encrypted system and represented in aggregate format. This means that company-specific data is not shared with any outside individual or entity. Companies participating in the survey are also given the option to opt out of including themselves in the participating companies section if they feel inclined too during any stage of the data collection process. The data in the survey ranges from a three-month period and there are at least three similar organizations reporting on data. Meaning that the respondents more than 25% on a weighted basis of that statistic.


As a Chamber that is here for the businesses of Lancaster, we understand that your time is valuable and needs to be treated as such. For this reason, we allow participants to have ample time to take the survey. The survey does not need to be completed in one period and can be taken at different times that work for your schedule. If there is any trouble with accessing the edit link which takes you back to the partially completed survey, contact our Data Management Intern, Alex, and he will assist you in sending the correct edit link.


By taking the survey and purchasing the report, you are increasing the competitive edge that you bring to your respective industry in Lancaster County. Purchasing the report allows business owners to see the average wages that employees are being paid for their position. This allows for proper wages to be set for incoming workers and new employees just graduating from nearby universities which become a vital part of the workforce in PA. In other words, we want to keep them in the state of PA.

Learn more about the Wage & Policies Survey and get started on completing the survey today!

If you participate in the W&P Survey, you get a $200 DISCOUNT on the Report when it is issued in the Fall. Taking the survey is completely free!

Learn more about Alex with our Q&A below.

My name is Alex Swan, and I am the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce 2024 Data Management Intern! I am currently a Senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in Marketing with a minor in Economics. At school, I am involved in campus organizations such as the American Marketing Association and Theta Chi Fraternity where I served as the respective Treasurer for both organizations. My favorite part about holding the Treasurer position was not only learning viable skills about business and networking, but also learning valuable skills about leadership and how to be the most effective in any role I am assigned to. I am very excited to start my role with the Lancaster Chamber, but I am most excited about working with the incredible staff and assisting them with the creation of the 2024 Wage and Policy Survey.  

What is your Spirit Animal?  

  • Timber Wolf

Favorite Quote? 

  • “It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”- -Miyamoto Musashi

Favorite Movie? 

  • Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Favorite Book? 

  • Walking Miracle by Ryan Shazier

Most used app on your Phone? 

  • Instagram

3 words that best describe you? 

  • Resourceful, Hard-Working, Compassionate

Dream travel destination? 

  • Rome, Italy

What makes you laugh? 

  • I am inspired when I notice individuals who have an exceptional will to never give up on their goals.

What makes you laugh? 

  • Comedians

Any Hidden Talents? 

  • I can play trumpet

We are so excited to have Alex join the Lancaster Chamber team! To see the full line up of our staff, visit our Meet the Team page!

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