Interview with Titus Irvin, Composer of Jingle for "What's On Tap, Lancaster?" Podcast - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Interview with Titus Irvin, Composer of Jingle for “What’s On Tap, Lancaster?” Podcast
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What’s on Tap, Lancaster?

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How did you get started in the music industry?

My interest in working within the music industry started from a small metal venue in Harrisburg PA called “The Champ.” The sound engineer, Hayden Calhoun (and manager Andrew Pettit) allowed me to shadow them. The venue was run by Jeremy Weiss at CI Records here in Lancaster, and he introduced me to Launch Music Conference. I’ve attended for the last 5 years and loved the opportunities to meet other professionals and see that working in the music industry could be more than a dream.

What drew you to this opportunity with the Lancaster Chamber’s Young Professionals Network to record a jingle for the What’s on Tap, Lancaster? podcast?

Most of my experience has been working in live audio, but I love to compose. Evoking emotions through sound never gets old. This opportunity to have my music professionally recorded and engineered also gave me a new perspective into the mind of a producer. The original MIDI jingle we created at the piano lab had 3 tracks. The finished version had 23 tracks, with added shakers, multiple piano layers, a celeste, finger snaps, etc. Logan Ressler did an amazing job taking a bare bones idea and fleshing it out into a full recording.

How would you describe your passion for music?

I’m a bit of an analytic at heart. I like to lose myself in the music, but I also just want to listen to the harmonic changes and smile at the unexpected genius of each composer. It’s such a beautiful blend of raw emotion and intentional storytelling. There’s an authenticity and expression I haven’t found elsewhere.

 How has Millersville University prepared you for your future?

MU has given me so many opportunities, in a wholistic sense, to become a better musician. Not to mention the time management skills that come from classes, ensembles, lessons, and projects like these!

 What do you envision for yourself after graduation?

I’m hoping to continue to work live audio at different events but work my way into more songwriting roles. Like everyone else, I just want to work with cool people who are passionate about the process of making great music.

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