Chamber Adds Business Development Specialist - Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
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We are excited to announce that Javar Colon has joined the Lancaster Chamber as Business Development Specialist.

Javar will be a key part in developing Membership strategies and relationship building, while connecting with the community to inspire positive impact and business collaboration.

Please join us in welcoming Javar to the team! Learn more about him in our Q&A below.

Tell us a little about yourself! Where did you work previously before your role here at the Chamber? 

I worked for the First Aid & Safety Division of Cintas previously and part of my sales territory consisted of Lancaster County! My favorite aspect of sales is being able to build relationships with clients on a personal level and my second favorite aspect of sales would have to be presenting!

What are some of your hobbies or passions or interests?

I enjoy playing basketball as well as completing boxing training with my son. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends watching movies or going out to dinner together. I follow the Marvel universe as well as the DC universe closely, I also follow the NBA and NFL daily.

Do you have a quote you are inspired by?

“Service to others is the rent you pay for the room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

What do you love about the Lancaster County community?

I have always felt that I am appreciated in Lancaster County because the community has welcomed me with open arms since the day I stepped foot on Millersville’s campus as an MU student. I love that I am able to be myself and feel comfortable as I am because, unfortunately, this is not the case in every county. My interactions with the Lancaster County community have always been pleasant and this is largely why I find happiness in watching the continuous growth and success of Lancaster County.

What are you most excited about in joining the Lancaster Chamber team? 

I am most excited about being part of a team that has proven to have a great impact within Lancaster County, but also continues to dedicate themselves to the betterment of Lancaster County. The Lancaster Chamber clearly believes in unifying the community and I believe that a unified community is the greatest step to a healthy and successful community! For the reasons mentioned above, I say with great pride, that I am part of this team and excited to help make a difference.

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