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Attracting and Hiring Hourly Job Workers
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by Alex Wong, Co-founder, HourlyWork

The latest US jobs statistics show a slowdown in the labor market at 9.9 million jobs, and unemployment rising to 3.5%. While the slowdown may have provided some relief to employers trying to hire workers, it is still not enough to overcome the talent shortage. To fill critical job openings, employers should continue to stay aggressive with hiring. Here are several strategies to attract hourly workers.

Hourly workers can be grouped into two categories: young adults and older workers seeking part-time work, and career hourly workers. To appeal to the first group, employers need to offer scheduling flexibility to accommodate school schedules and personal commitments. On the other hand, career hourly workers are more likely to prioritize stable and predictable work hours and higher pay. By structuring jobs to meet these needs, employers can attract a larger pool of candidates.

Additional strategies for attracting and hiring hourly workers include:

• Encouraging employee referrals
• Simplifying the application process
• Conducting prompt interviews
• Limiting the number of interviews
• Selling the benefits of the job during interviews
• Making prompt offers, even if conditional

By making the job search and hiring process seamless and attractive, employers can increase the labor force participation rate and find the hourly workers they need.

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HourlyWork is an hourly jobs recruiting platform launching in Lancaster, PA. HourlyWork offers a simple mobile application for companies and job seekers to connect for hourly jobs. If you are having trouble hiring hourly workers, take advantage of our free offer to see how we can help your business.

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