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This letter is by Tom Baldrige, President & CEO of the Lancaster Chamber

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to grow and Lancaster County enters into the “Substantial Spread” designation level of COVID from the CDC, I’ve been wondering:

How many people does it take to get Lancaster fully-vaccinated?

Could it be the 10 million-plus physicians throughout the United States that urge their patients to get the shot?

Might it be the 12,000-plus local health care providers that are putting themselves on the front-line every day to battle a pandemic that now, effectively, has a cure?

Perhaps it’s the 16,000 local educators who want to teach our children in a classroom without worry?

Maybe it’s the growing number of employers who are requiring vaccines as a means of ensuring their workers and customers remain safe?

How about considering it for my two grandchildren who aren’t old enough to get the shot and, therefore, have to continue to take mitigation measures to protect themselves and others as COVID returns with a vengeance?

And, most tragically, what about considering it to honor the growing number of local citizens who have contracted the virus and state, “I wish I would have gotten the vaccine” as they suffer through hospitalization?

Again, how many people does it take?

Truth is, it takes one.  You.  As one that believes in and fully respects individual rights, I am well aware that people have a wide variety of cautions and beliefs that keep them from getting the vaccine.  Yet, I also believe that individual rights must be weighted against “the public good” for, as we all know, we are in this together.

Personally, I care about the health and success of everyone in this community; professionally, I care about the essential nature of a strong economy and thriving businesses.  And, to me, the obvious answer to accomplish both goals is to ensure our County maximizes the number of our vaccinated population.

We have simply worked too hard and suffered too much over these past 16 months to turn back.  The news that we are now in “substantial spread” should be a wake up call for all Lancastrians. And each day we are presented with verifiable data that proves the vast majority of people who are experiencing significant impacts from contracting the virus are unvaccinated.

Please get vaccinated. If you are hesitant, there is information, research, and providers ready to talk with you. You can find factual information at the links below or contact your healthcare provider.

Even if you don’t feel compelled to do it for yourself, please consider doing it for the 545,000 Lancastrians that yearn for a safe environment and a return to normal.  Or, just do it for my granddaughters.

Sincerely, Tom Baldrige

P.S. – Please help us spread the word.  Below are some links that provide more fact-based information on the efficacy of the vaccine:

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