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DE&I Academy

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Academy

Fall 2022 – September 13th through October 25th

This is a new, in-person, course offering from the Lancaster Chamber in 2022. Classes will include four, 3-hour work sessions. Work sessions will include presentations on key Diversity, Equity and Inclusion concepts, opportunities for self-discovery and small discussion groups. Each session will end in the development of individual plans for next steps within their organization as well as homework to apply new learning to organization.

We’re excited to bring you the Fall 2022 DE&I Academy! Questions about this course? Contact Abby Williams,

Course Outline:

All sessions meet Tuesdays, 9am – 12pm, hosted at the Lancaster Chamber!

Session 1 – Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – 9/13
Session 2 – Why we behave in ways that aren’t always inclusive -9/27
Session 3 – Leadership and behavioral changes that lead to a more inclusive environment -10/11
Session 4 – Policy and procedural changes that lead to a more inclusive environment -10/25

Course Description:

Session 1:

In this session you will learn:

  • How diversity and inclusion can improve your business and why now is the time to start your DE&I journey.
  • The difference between Diversity and Inclusion and why both are critical.
  • How an inclusive environment leads to employee engagement needed to reach “The high-performance zone” within your company.


  • Your elevator story on how DE&I will benefit your organization.

Session 2:

In this session you will:

  • Determine your own identities, experiences, and privileges that lead to unconscious bias
  • Understand the conditions in which unconscious biases are most likely to happen
  • Understand how behaviors that come from unconscious bias inhibits inclusion
  • Understand ways to evaluate and get a baseline for the inclusiveness of your workgroup/organization


  • A list of your identities and privileges and how they might impact your behavior/leadership
  • List of times at work when your unconscious bias may be at its worst

Session 3:

In this session you will learn:

  • Behaviors that individuals at all levels of the organization can embrace to increase inclusiveness in your organization
  • Behaviors that manager/leaders can embrace to increase inclusiveness in your organization
  • Workgroup Norms and climate changes that will lead to more inclusiveness in your organization


  • Development of 3, 6, 9, and 12 month plans to increase inclusiveness in your organization:
    • How will I change my individual behavior to reduce my unconscious bias?
    • How will I change my manager/leadership behavior/style to increase inclusiveness in my department?
    • How will I change norms/rules to increase inclusiveness in my workgroup?

Session 4:

In this session you will learn:

  • Where bias can impact the hiring process and best practices that can be used to mitigate this bias.
  • Where bias can impact retention of employees and ways to mitigate these biases through changes/best practices in the following process/procedures:
    • Onboarding and new employee programs
    • Job design
    • Performance Management/ Performace Review
    • Promotions/Career Progression/Succession Planning
    • Organized Networks ERG’S, Affinity groups, BRG ETC.)
    • Grievance system


  • Indentify which of the best practices you will implement in your hiring practices; identify to do, timing, and responsibilities
  • Identify which best practices you will implement in your retention practices; identigy to do, timing, and responsibilities


Price: $400
Member Price: $350
Non-Profit Member Price: $300 (please contact to sign up with this pricing)
To learn more about Membership, contact Tom Wallace at

Who should attend?

We recommend any key decision-makers, managers, c-suite level, and human resource personnel. But, anyone is welcome!


Laurie Cubell

Laurie Cubell has over 30 years of experience in both the for-profit business and non-profit sector.  She received her BS in Psychology from Brown University which led to several years consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington DC . She earned her MBA with Honors from the Harvard Business School and then honed her marketing skills at Kraft Foods in Chicago.  From there, she moved to Lancaster PA and joined Armstrong Flooring rising to the senior most marketing position as Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development. Likewise, her nonprofit experience has been extensive including a 5-year stint as President of the Board at Aarons Acres the Executive Director of the Emerald Foundation and a member of several local boards including congregation Shaarai Shomayim.  Laurie has also completed her Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University.  Laurie and her husband Allen have three grown children and live in Lititz PA. 

Denis Sison

Denis Sison has over 30+years’ experience as a Global Marketing executive having worked with organizations and teams across 27 difference countries and markets. He has led brand and business growth for iconic brands and companies such as P&G, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Blackberry, The Hershey’s Company and most recently, Johnson & Johnson. Denis was born in the Philippines and holds a BA Degree in Economics from The University of the Philippines and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Denis lives in Lititz PA with his wife Joy whom he has been married for 28 years.

About DAIS:

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies (DAIS) is a Lancaster based DEI consulting practice that works with companies and organizations in understanding and capturing the value of diversity and inclusion in driving sustained growth and outcomes for their teams and businesses.

Our consultants possess a diverse business leadership perspective from both profit and non-profit organizations with a stated Mission to harness the power and potential of diversity in driving business and personal growth. Their approach to training and consulting is grounded on creating a safe-learning environment that is collaborative, uplifting and outcome focused

Services offered range from DEI audits, DEI strategy and change management plan development; Diversity and Belongingness training for individual, manager and senior leaderships; and HR Policy and Process reviews for Talent Pipeline recruitment, retention and development.

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