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Emerging Leadership Development Training

Emerging Leadership Development Training

We recognize the value in investing in the next generation of Lancaster’s leadership and are thrilled to offer this professional development series to employees launching their careers. There’s no better time than now to develop the early to mid-career professionals in your organization! 

Classes will include four 3-hour sessions designed to equip emerging leaders to develop confidence in their competence, navigate organizational change, expand their leadership capacity, and prepare them to effectively coach others in an individual or team setting. The Emerging Leadership Development Training will prepare the next generation to be collaborative leaders and effective business professionals shaping the future of our community.

We’re excited to bring you the Emerging Leadership Development Training! Questions about this course? Contact Ashley Glensor, aglensor@lancasterchamber.com.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Lancaster Chamber YPN team for inviting me to provide a testimonial for The Emerging Leadership Development Training last year. The training left a lasting impact on me, and I want to highlight two aspects that stood out the most:

Comprehensive Integration of Leadership Tactics: The program effectively brought together current leadership tactics and topics in one cohesive place. Moreover, it provided recommended sources for delving deeper into specific areas of interest. This approach not only broadened my understanding but also equipped me with valuable resources for continuous learning.

Facilitating Meaningful Connections: As a newcomer to the Lancaster business community, I’ve actively engaged in various Chamber offerings, including Leadership Lancaster, mixers, and formal events. The Emerging Leadership Development Training proved to be no exception, as it fostered connections that have been instrumental in my professional journey.

Having experienced the program firsthand, I strongly recommend companies to invest in sending their emerging leaders to this training. The benefits are tangible, making it a worthwhile investment in leadership development.

– Brandon M. Wilt, Vice President, First National Bank

Course Dates:

Stay Tuned for the dates of our upcoming training.

Course Outline:

Each class is from 8:30am – 11:30am.

Session 1 – The Competence/Confidence Equation
Session 2 – Exploring & Navigating Change Effectively
Session 3 – Embracing a Leadership Mindset
Session 4 – Strengthening Each Link on Your Team: 1-1 Coaching

Course Description:

Session 1:

For so many people confidence comes from competence and, if someone doesn’t “feel”
competent (at work or personally), they may lack confidence. The source of “confidence/competence” is usually rooted in the level of education someone has, the achievements they accomplished and or the “authority” they’ve been given. Without education, achievement or authority people can feel “less than competent/confident”. What is the source of your confidence and how do you remain confident in your role?

During this session you will:

  • Indentify the core components of building and continuously developing confidence in self and others
  • Increase awareness around methods and practices to enhance training opportunities to build team member competence and confidence
  • Expand capacity to grow self and others in your organization

Session 2:

This session will be an interactive presentation style format where participants will be
engaged in discussing concepts regarding change and the paradox of change to aid participants in
learning to more effectively frame thinking about change more openly.
The challenges of change, resistance drivers and methods of resistance individuals employ when faced with change will be examined. The 7 traits of change readiness as identified by researchers and authors, Robert Kriegel and David Brandt will be introduced and methods to enhance the ability to be and become more change ready will be presented.

In this session you will:

  • Recognize individual change resistance factors and behaviors
  • Identify the 7 traits of change readiness and implement 7 methods to becoming more change ready
  • Link individual change readiness levels of performance to managing organizational change and transition effectively

Session 3:

Leaders are called at the highest level to bring out the best in those around them and meet
people where they are. While there are many characteristics and skills a leader can embody as they
influence and lead those around them, we will explore the core principles and practices to embracing and live out a leadership mindset. From grounding assessments in facts to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, we can see the world through the lens of a leadership mindset and how our actions and words filtered through this framework impact and empower others to be and become more effective.

In this session you will:

  • Identify the 10 core principles of a leadership mindset
  • Create opportunities for expanding and exercising your leadership capacity

Session 4:

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions!” – Ken Blanchard
Explore the art and science of how to develop key Leader Managers on your Team by utilizing a specific and intentional coaching model to ensure high levels of retention, team member engagement and productivity.

Through implementing a formal coaching process we can institutionalize and formalize feedback
mechanisms to create a culture of feedback leading us to ultimately impacting and developing a
productive, engaged and profitable organization at the individual, team and company level.

In this session you will:

  • Understand the purpose and process of an effective coaching model
  • Identify the framework, specific concepts and tools integrated and accomplished during the 1-1 coaching process
  • Receive an Annual Development Plan Template and information to utilize with Team Members


Price: $620
Member Price: $500
To learn more about Membership, contact Tom Wallace at twallace@lancasterchamber.com


Laura Schanz

Effective September 1, 2016 Laura relaunched her solo consulting practice as a Senior Consultant. Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, LLC provides Values Driven Solutions in the areas of Consulting, Coaching and Communication to businesses and not for profit organizations.

Laura began her professional life in the Property and Casualty Industry and maintains her Pennsylvania Property and Casualty Insurance Broker license. Prior to relaunching her own firm, she was involved from 1998 until 2016 with various Central Pennsylvania businesses serving as a Leader, Manager, Owner, Chief Operating Officer and President.

Ms. Schanz held the Certificate in General Insurance, the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Certified Professional Insurance Woman (CPIW) designations during her insurance career from 1980 to 1997. She has been authorized as a Blanchard Solutions Group Raving Fans presenter and is a graduate and former national faculty member of the Excellence in Speaking Institute®, Charlotte, North Carolina.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Professional Studies from Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA in 2007 and was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration May 2019.

Laura has been awarded the 2002 Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Athena Award and was also the recipient of the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

Her 40-year board and community service includes numerous organizations and she is committed to giving back at her place of worship and in the community as a frequent volunteer, mentor, coach, facilitator, emcee and keynote speaker.

About Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, LLC.

Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, LLC is a Values Driven Solutions organizational consulting firm focusing on the individual and team development of Executives, Board Members, Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, Business Relationship Representatives, and their Associates.

On September 1, 2016, Laura Schanz relaunched her solo consulting practice as a Senior Consultant and Owner of Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, LLC. Laura’s more than 40 years of experience includes small business ownership, for profit and not for profit leadership, operations executive management, organizational and people development, marketing, sales management, and sales responsibilities, allowing Laura to see the forest for the trees, bringing thoughtful, strategic oversight to organizations and projects alike.

Katie Williamson, Director of Client Services, helped Laura relaunch Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, LLC and brings years of project coordination, management, and customer service experience from her various roles in local businesses. She has an eye for process and procedural design, turning concepts into helpful templates and tools, and therefore assisting with the planning and development of systems and processes that promote long term, positive results.

Erica Moe joined the Team in February 2017 as The Indispensable Assistant and in January 2020 became the Practice Manager. She is passionate about systems organization and establishing processes that enable and empower people to be their best selves.

Erin Higgins joined the Team in January 2022 in the newly formed position of Learning & Development Manager. Overseeing Communications within LSCA, she brings decades of experience in strategic relationship development, teaching, sales, and marketing.

Together, we are committed to living out our Company Values of Willingness, Integrity, Initiative, Faith and Focus on Others in each and every interaction with you and your fellow Team Members.

Our Vision is to Encourage, Influence and Inspire others as we help people and organizations grow.

Very simply, our Mission is to serve others each day.

We strive to achieve our Mission by: Acting with Integrity, Serving with Grace and Humility, Living with Passion and Gratitude, Creating Energy and Fun, and Seeking and Embracing Diversity.

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