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Workforce Development

We’re focused on connecting businesses with qualified employees and providing training and educational opportunities that give our residents the skills they need.

Our goal is to build a pipeline of current and future workers through opportunities like job shadowing, direct conversations with students, company tours, and work-based learning experiences. It is important to connect education and workforce to ensure transitions between the two can happen effectively.

Initiatives For Workforce

Inspire Platform

The Inspire platform provides a central hub where students and educators across several districts can interact with local employers in a safe and secure environment. It is difficult for employers to know which local high school students may be interested in entering their field; while it’s equally difficult for students to connect with local experts in their field of interest. Inspire breaks down these barriers, enabling employers and students to interact on many different levels.


A successful community is one that helps shape future generations. We strive to inspire, empower, advise, and educate these next business and community leaders through a variety of student mentoring programs. These workshops are specifically curated to offer guidance, wisdom and encouragement through one-to-one mentorships with male and female students entering their junior year of high school. Additionally, the program provides students with career awareness and career path guidance as they navigate the opportunities available to them after schooling. We would love to share more info with you!


We're here to help you and your business. Resources like the Wage Survey and Policies & Benefits Survey produces results that can help your company make decisions about practices that influence your ability to attract and retain employees. This survey provides employers with a competitive tool to navigate a challenging workforce landscape. We also offer a variety of professional development courses and workshops throughout the year to further enhance and create a strong workforce.


Transportation is key to creating a sustainable, strong workforce in Lancaster County. Sometimes it can be a barrier to employment. We have currently teamed up with High Companies, Four Seasons, and Red Rose Transit to offer an inexpensive transportation service for individuals looking for work. We are looking at three areas to help transportation in our County: connecting employees and employers, funding and prioritizing projects, and future infrastructure.

Business & Education

It is critical to connect business and education. We have programs like Teacher in the Workplace and our Externship program that connect teachers with on-site tours and educational experiences created to help educators then pass along knowledge about various industries to students. We also help to coordinate consistent monthly meetings with all local college presidents to ensure we have a forum where business and education are consistently collaborating on how to impact a positive workforce.

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