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August 06 2019
At the Lancaster Chamber, we want to equip young professionals with opportunities to build relationships and learn about the surrounding business community. We look to cultivate these future leaders by providing experiences to connect with business leaders and grow their careers in Lancaster and beyond.

That's why we have the Young Professionals Network where we offer programming and events specifically to grow young professionals in Lancaster and beyond (find out more here). 

Each month we spotlight one of the young professionals. Discover our spotlight for August 2019 below. 

Name: Madysan Foltz

Title: Brand Manager

Company: Taylor Brand Group

Job Responsibilities: My main responsibility as Brand/Account Manager is to interface directly with a portfolio of clients in various industries and regions of the US. I also lead our internal and external social and digital media efforts, copywrite and copyedit creative work, and work on local/national partnerships and event planning initiatives.

Resources: (favorite app, book, magazine, article reference, blog, twitter follower, etc…)

Adweek, Brand Channel, The New York Times, GirlBoss, Christine Caine

Latest Nugget of Knowledge: “Leaning into discomfort is an integral part of overall growth.”

As a young professional, what has been the most valuable part of getting involved with the Lancaster Chamber and YPN?

I initially grew up on the border of Lititz and Lancaster (go Blue Streaks!), but after graduating from high school a year early, I moved away. When I recently moved back, I felt like a completely new Lancaster transplant. The rapid development of downtown Lancaster has been incredibly refreshing, but I knew I had to actively seek out networking opportunities to feel “at home” again. I started getting involved with the Lancaster Chamber through work, and really enjoyed getting to know working professionals across the County. Through the Lancaster Chamber, I’ve made some invaluable working connections that have led to quality partnerships; through the Young Professional Network, I’ve made not only professional connections but also some great friends. I highly recommend anyone new or returning to the area to use these outlets for connection, especially if you work for a small company.

What motivates you? Tough question. I’m motivated by many things, but first and foremost by the people in my life. I believe that you are the lump sum of the five people closest to you. I’m also motivated by striving to provide exemplary service for my clients, by learning and growing, and by diving outside of my comfort zone every day. Eleanor Roosevelt once said to do one thing each day that scares you; I’m definitely motivated by what scares me and do my best to follow that advice. Finally, I’m motivated by my various and diverse passions. Figuring out how best to use those talents and passions has become the framework of my mid-20s.

How do you like to spend your time off? 

I love staying engaged in my various communities in downtown Lancaster. I am a new member of the Global Shapers’ Lancaster Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. I’m also actively engaged in LCBC’s Lancaster City campus. Further, I read; write too many short stories, essays, and poetry; and sing. I do yoga, intermittent training, travel as often as possible, and spend time with friends and my aging puppy. Oh, and I sleep somewhere in there too.

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