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July 30 2019
This article first appeared in Thriving! magazine and was written by Molly Crouser, Special Events Manager. It was part of a Impact of Local Journalism series, including this story spotlighting LNP.

Thriving! magazine is a quarterly magazine by the Lancaster Chamber published by Hoffman Publishing Group

Explore the new July 2019 issue in its entirety online here

Local Media, Local Impact

The Lancaster community has an assortment of media options curated to the area, in addition to newspapers and the importance of intentional sourcing has never been greater. 

“There has never been a time that local news is more important than it is today,” says Kyle Grimes, President & General Manager at WGAL8. “As consumption changes and there are even more ways to consume news, having trusted sources for your information has become even more important that is has been in the past.”

Networks like WGAL, Fox43, and ABC27 continue to provide the community with information and breaking news pertaining to Lancaster. It’s key to a thriving, informed, community.

“There are a lot of what I call ‘information sources’ that can be inaccurate and misleading, which has really upped the stakes on how important it is to have a local, trusted assortment of news media resources,” adds Kyle. “As communities look to find breaking news, emergency information, weather coverage, and other critical news, being able to turn to trusted sources is crucial.”

As more and more individuals turn to social media for information, obtaining quality sources for news, such as WGAL, is even more critical.

“We believe there is a real important place for organizations like WGAL in our community,” says Kyle.

“Our job is providing the news in the places that they will consume it—whether that is television, social media, or another way. Having it accessible where they need it
is important.”

On location at WGAL

Like Kyle mentioned, ‘information sources’ can be plentiful and deceptive if you do not know where that information is coming from. This is even more of a reason to turn to local news that can be trusted.

“People really need to be aware of what they are consuming and what the source of that information is,” says Kyle. “If it is hard to find the source of provided information in an article or story, it is indicative that they might not be very reliable.”

The team at WGAL has been hard at work and focused on bringing curated, accurate information to the Lancaster community since 1949.

“Having a group of trained professional journalists is critical,” adds Kyle. “The most meaningful way a community can help is to stay heavily invested in local news so these professionals can continue their work to inform and educate.”

It isn’t just providing news, it’s investing in the success of Lancaster. Media can be a direct line to cultivating the future of community.

“When I got into this line of work, I got into it because I saw what powerful positive impact a local news station could have on the community,” says Kyle. “It’s what local communities turn to for reputable information. It’s all about supporting Lancaster and beyond with critical, reliable information.”

Radio is also an important resource for news. Lancaster has an assortment of stations, with one in particular reaching the local Spanish-speaking community.

WLCH-Radio Centro, a station supported by the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) of Lancaster, has grown a large following in Lancaster and York communities to help share information.
“WLCH-Radio Centro is present to help bring together different people,” says Claudia Galdamez, SACA Broadcasting General Manager with Radio Centro. “By broadening perspectives, developing new horizons and increasing interactions between Latinos and non-Latinos, Radio Centro serves as a bridge within the community allowing all its people to flourish together.”

Inside the studio at WLCH-Radio Centro

Having accessibility to news is key for all of the community to thrive.

“Radio Centro recognizes that for the Latin Community of Lancaster and York to survive and flourish, it is necessary to keep it fully informed about what happens within our own community, providing reliable information and educational programming that will help them to better understand the ‘modus vivendi’ of where we reside,” says Claudia. “Media have the potential to influence public opinion and decision making processes and, of course, every community deserves to have their own voice and representation.”

Find out more about WGAL on their website and tune in to Radio Centro at 91.3FM in Lancaster and 100.3FM in York.

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