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Immigration Strategy

Immigration & the Workforce

We recognize that there’s strength in a diverse community and the experience of a variety of backgrounds and skills to ultimately enhance our community and our businesses. For over 250 years, Lancaster county has been a haven for new Americans who bring their unique talents and skills to our workforce.

We have partnered with New American Economy and other local organizations to release the New American Economy Immigration Report, which outlines the significant contributions of our foreign-born neighbors on the Lancaster County economy and the community.


Map the Impact

Learn how foreign born residents have impacted the economies of various cities, states and congressional districts across the United States in this interactive map.


Read The Stories

"Fernando trained at culinary school in Cuba. After working as a chef there for a few years, he became determined to escape to the U.S. by boat. Several attempts resulted in capture by Cuban authorities and jail time. But on the 8th attempt, he was successful! Speaking no English, he made his way to relatives in Lancaster County. He struggled to learn English on his own and at evening classes with little success until he was paired with a tutor at Literacy Council of Lancaster."

Read more about Fernando and discover other impacting stories in this feature digital article.

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