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We’re paving the way for easier commutes to our county’s major employers, prioritizing the infrastructure projects our county needs the most, and planning for the future of travel and transportation.

Transportation is an important piece of connecting employers and employees. Often it can be a barrier for success if it is not accessible. We are looking at strategic ways to navigate this challenge.

Transportation is key to creating a sustainable, strong workforce in Lancaster County. Sometimes it can be a barrier to employment. We have currently teamed up with High Companies, Four Seasons, and Red Rose Transit to offer an inexpensive transportation service for individuals looking for work. We are looking at three areas to help transportation in our County:

  • Connecting Employers and Employees

Identify funding sources to sustain and scale efforts to connect underemployed or unemployed

individuals with companies in geographic job centers with shared transportation services.

  • Funding/Priority Projects

Prioritize and mobilize the community to advocate for the County’s top priority infrastructure needs and projects, inclusive of Route 222 and Route 30 East Improvements.

  • Infrastructure of the Future

Advocate for improvements and maintenance of modern, multi-modal infrastructure for the region to effectively compete in the global marketplace.

To learn more about this initiative, please reach out to Lancaster Chamber Community Impact Director Heather Valudes at

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