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Declaration of Understanding and Support

Think Local is a Lancaster Chamber led, community wide initiative to improve our economy by encouraging consumers and business decision makers to support local businesses when making purchases. The primary goal of Think Local is to stimulate and accelerate the local economy by keeping our dollars in the area, where the impact can be significant as the dollars recirculate.

By signing this Declaration of Understanding, this company agrees to the core principles of the campaign listed below that highlight the positive results when consumers and business leaders support area companies.

  • More money stays/recirculates in the community.
  • Local jobs are created and sustained.
  • The local community and economy are strengthened.
  • Our quality of life is improved.
  • Customer service is enhanced.

Through this Declaration of Understanding:

Company Name:

pledges its commitment to:

  • Think local first before making purchases;
  • Employ local people;
  • Contribute to the local tax base; and
  • Support the local community.


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I commit to the concept of thinking local and sign the Think Local Declaration of Understanding.
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