YPN Skills Accelerator Workshop - Mindful Leadership

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 8 to 10 a.m.

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Harvard Business Review, Forbes, WSJ and a multitude of other publications are endorsing the idea that incorporating mindfulness into your leadership approach has a positive impact on success, individually and organizationally.  So how does this really work?  What does a practical practice look like that will help me achieve results and face challenges?  If mindfulness is not about soft cushions, new age music and incense, what is it? 


During this skills accelerator, Christian Recknagel, Vice President of Leadership and Culture with Benchmark Construction will focus on what mindfulness is from a practical perspective.  It will encourage attendees to consider their personal approach to leadership, no matter what their job responsibilities are, and explore how to incorporate mindfulness practices to help create higher levels of performance and success.  you will leave with a clearer understanding of how to focus on being a better leader to serve your organization, your community and, most importantly, yourself.


Mindfulness – Paying attention to the current moment/situation with a calm, focused and clear mind.


Leadership – Connecting with people (yourself and others) with the intention to inspire higher levels of engagement and productivity and create improved performance, fulfillment and results.


Mindful Leadership – Connecting with people in the current moment with a calm, focused and clear mind, to inspire increased engagement and productivity, and create improved performance, fulfillment and results.


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