Scaling Up Your Business

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

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"Scaling Up Your Company: How to Better Manage & Accelerate Your Company’s Growth"
featuring Mark Miller, principal, Flywhell, LLC and Gazaelles International coach

Scaling a business is challenging! You have to grow your team’s leadership capabilities, install scalable infrastructure that helps manage the added complexity, and tackle key changes in market dynamics. In this high-level session, you’ll discuss the Scaling Up process, get an overview of the best practices framework for accelerating growth and improving the organizational alignment in your company, and analyze each of the four key decision areas that leaders must get right:  

  • People: How do you build a high performing culture?
  • Strategy: How do you form a truly differentiated strategy that drives top line?
  • Execution: How do you implement the key habits that allow your company to pulse faster?
  • Cash: How do you get your team thinking about maximizing internally generated cash flow?  

If you are passionate about growing your company, this will be time well spent.  

Meet Your Presenter:
Mark Miller, Principal of Flywheel, LLC and a Gazelles International coach, brings more than 29 years of business leadership experience and includes C-suite positions and owning his own business. With industry experience ranging from consumer products to capital goods in family and closely held businesses, Mark has a track record of building cohesive leadership teams and driving increased revenue and earnings growth. While COO of a $65 million agribusiness company, Mark hired a coach to work with the leadership team. Seeing the benefits first hand, Mark eventually went from client to coach so he could direct his passion and energy to helping clients unlock their organizational potential and achieve their goals.

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