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Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 8 to 11 a.m.

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In today's competitive work environment, one of the most necessary commodities is creativity. So, how do you harness creativity and make it work for you? By learning how to look at the world in new and unique ways and gaining the ability to problem solve with a new, creative mindset. If you're struggling to find solutions to problems, looking for ways to gain an edge over your competition or if you want to be the person who comes up with the next big idea, this series is for you!
Learn why creative problem-solving is critical to the workplace and how it can be fostered to develop innovative solutions and new methods of addressing business issues in this highly-interactive course taught by Dr. Keith Floyd of iNVISION Group.
Participants in this course will learn:
  • Why thinking creatively to solve problems is so vitally important to your current and future success
  • How thinking creatively to solve problems can be fostered within the workplace
  • What creative problem solving can look like
  • And a new brainstorming technique called an Amalgam Session - a unique intellectual exercise designed to fire your creative thought to unparalleled levels of clarity and provide you with definitive action steps in a finite amount of time

Who should attend? Business owners, executives, strategists, consultants, team leaders, project managers, business developers, human resources professionals, self-identified non-creative types and anyone else who wants to learn a new approach to addressing acute and long-term issues.

Course Outline: (all sessions are held from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at 115 East King Street)

Session 1: Why Is Creativity Important? - June 1
So many times in life we can figure out the “what” and “how” of things, but never get to the “why.” This session will be the launch pad for your creative journey. We will explore “why creativity is so important to your work and life,” as well as begin to formulate a plan for your new “creative” life.

How Do Creative People Operate? - June 8
Have you ever thought…”now why didn't I think of that?!” So many times in life we have moments were we ask ourselves that very question…usually followed by…”I so could have thought of that and done that!” But unfortunately for you…you didn't! And obviously, someone else did! In this session we'll explore the unique and varied ways that “creative” people think and operate, and begin to set into motion thoughts and personal actions so you will become…“that person…the one who thought of it first!”

What Does Creativity Look Like? - June 22
The answer is simple…”everything and anything!” Since this is a VERY BROAD answer, we'll spend some time deconstructing creative thoughts and actions, and begin to explore some ways to recognize creative opportunities when they arise.

Bringing It All Together! - June 29
The focus of this session will be creative problem solving. During the session you will not only learn about a new and unique problem solving technique, but you will actually experience it as a participant. The session utilizes various aspects of neuroscience along with group interactions to solve a problem at hand in a finite amount of time.


About the Instructor: Dr. Keith Floyd of iNVISION Group:


Dr. Keith Floyd, Executive Director of iNVISION Group, has more than 25 years of teaching and training experience, with 19 years of administrative leadership, 10 of which were at the senior/executive level. Dr. Floyd has conducted extensive professional development trainings, leadership workshops, as well as having managed and overseen countless project initiatives. In addition to these leadership roles, Dr. Floyd has presented numerous times at the state, national, and international levels.




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