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What is the Think Local initiative?                             

Think Local is a Lancaster Chamber led, community wide initiative to improve our local economy by encouraging consumers and business decision makers to support local businesses when making purchases.

The primary goal of Think Local is to stimulate and accelerate the local economy by encouraging business decision makers and consumers to keep their dollars local, where the impact can be significant as dollars recirculate locally.

What are the advantages of Think Local?

How does it work?

How can I become involved in this initiative?

What should I consider when making a purchase?


What are the advantages of Think Local?

Think Local is a public awareness campaign that highlights the positive results when consumers and business leaders support area companies. Some of the advantages to thinking local include:

  • More money stays in the community.
    Money spent locally recirculates back into the community helping to fund non-profit and community organizations that serve and help local people.

  • Local jobs are created and sustained.
    Money spent locally increases business productivity and creates a better business climate - resulting in more employment opportunities.

  • The local community and economy are strengthened.
    The cycle of creating and spending wealth locally helps strengthen the economy and broader community.

  • Quality of life is improved.
    Local business owners and their employees contribute financially and volunteer their time to support local organizations and charities, which directly impacts the quality of life for the broader community.

  • Customer service is enhanced.
    When you buy products locally you are doing business and building relationships with people you know, making any future services, repairs or follow-ups simple and convenient.

While convenience and the lowest price may seem ideal to focus on at the time of purchase, it's important to think long term if we truly want to keep our local economy strong and our friends, family and neighbors working.


How does it work?

If your business or organization is committed to the concept of thinking local first when making purchases, and understands and supports the core principles of the program, a representative from your company can sign the Think Local Declaration of Understanding and receive usage rights of the Think Local logo, as well as a packet of information and resources that support the campaign.

Participating businesses may use the logo designation in their ads, on their website, printed collateral materials, in their store windows, and in other ways to associate their organization with the Think Local initiative.

In addition, if your company is a member of The Lancaster Chamber, you will receive a designation next to your business name in The Lancaster Chamber's online directory and will be eligible to participate in a number of special advertising opportunities with media partners offering discounted rates and specials.


How can I become involved in this initiative?

Businesses - If you are a business that is committed to the concept of thinking local, sign the Think Local Declaration of Understanding and receive materials to help promote your business as a Think Local participant.

  1. Complete the Declaration of Understanding or call The Lancaster Chamber at 717.397.3531 to learn more about this initiative to support local businesses and/or to receive the Declaration of Understanding.

  2. Read the guidelines on the Think Local logo use here.

  3. Contact The Lancaster Chamber to obtain a copy of the logo via email.

Consumers - If you are committed to buying local and want to demonstrate your support for companies located here, employing local people, paying local taxes and supporting the local community, look for the Think Local designation before making a purchase and keep your dollars local and recirculating.


What should I consider when making a purchase?

Prior to making a purchase decision ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the product I want to buy grown or manufactured here?
  • Is it assembled, processed and /or packaged here?
  • Is it sold by a local company/business?
  • Is the company community-minded - supportive of local causes and charitable or non-profit organizations?
  • Does the company employ local workers?
  • Does the company pay local taxes?
  • Does the company contribute back to the community and encourage its employees to do the same?


To learn how you can help support the local economy and community by becoming a Think Local sponsor, Click Here.


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