Meet a fellow Think Local Participant

Each month you'll get a chance to meet a fellow Think Local participant through our Think Local Business/Organization Spotlight. To check out recently featured participants, click here. This month we are featuring Nick Paulukow of One2One Inc.

Why did your company/organization decide to sign the Think Local Declaration of Understanding?
We were impressed by the clarity and simplicity of the initiative as well as the dedication to it we have seen The Chamber put forth since its inception. It’s an easy concept… a “no-brainer,” but it wasn’t being highlighted, wasn’t being talked about until The Chamber spotlighted it. And as The Chamber and its members continue to support this initiative, we see people (including ourselves) making a point to pause and consider a local solution. Look for local vendors, service providers, manufacturers, etc. It’s a small step that makes a big impact.

What does your company do to contribute to this initiative?
We built our headquarters in downtown Lancaster, we maintain multiple data centers locally, we service local businesses, we hire local staff, and we’re serious about working to better Lancaster’s future. Lancaster is our home and we want to see it and the people who live and work here prosper. One2One is really a tool to help drive that initiative by educating and implementing cutting edge technology solutions to improve the efficiency of the Lancaster business community.

What does “thinking local” mean to you?
Thinking Local means reminding yourself that you live and work in a community. One that can only flourish if you remember it is there and you are a part of it. It means buying local, hiring local, serving local. And not just in business, but getting involved with non-profits, charities and organizations like the Chamber who need skilled volunteers to keep improving. It is a great augmentation to our vision for Lancaster and we hope to see it continue. 


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