Sustainable Cities White Paper Outline


  • Incentivize/encourage municipalities to offer an optional defined contribution plan and encourage municipalities to place all new hires into such a plan.
  • Adopt/ensure appropriate actuarial principles.
  • Incentivize/encourage the administration and management of plans by the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System (PMRS).
  • Prohibit benefit enhancements unless the system is 90 percent funded.
  • Adopt new benefit policy (contribution rate, retirement age, vesting period) for all new hires.
  • Prohibit including overtime and/or longevity in salary calculations (anti-spiking).

Binding Arbitration:

  • Consider a municipality's "ability to pay."
  • Redefine an "impasse."
  • Instill "last/best" offer as part of the arbitration process.
  • Ensure neutrality of arbitrators
  • Institute a legitimate appeals process.
  • Share the cost of arbitration.

Economic Development:

  • Create "Urban Redevelopment Areas."
  • Expand the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA) program to non-profit properties.
  • Create a "Strategic Communities Partnership."
  • Remove impediments to and support shared services.

Revenue Enhancement:

  • Recognize revenue sources and challenges as a real issue.
  • Address revenues after other reforms are in place.

Create by coalition of area chambers including The Lancaster Chamber, Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC, Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry, York County Chamber of Commerce, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber and Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.

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