SkillUp Lancaster

By all accounts, workforce is the biggest challenge facing the Lancaster County economy.

In a partnership with the Workforce Development Board and the Community Action Partnership, we are excited to launch a new, on-line skills training program entitled "SkillUp Lancaster." This on-line tool features more than 4,000 training modules and provides the opportunity for our local workforce to earn credentials where appropriate.  The initiative also offers assessment tools that serve as a valuable benchmark for tracking employee growth and prospective employee skill sets.

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Your Input is Needed on Workforce

Workforce concerns prove to be consistently top of mind with the vast majority of our local businesses. From lamenting the lack of "soft skills" (showing up on time; working effectively in teams; communication and problem solving) to the need for individuals with technical skills in STEM careers, to the strategies behind recruiting and retaining a qualified and engaged workforce, Lancaster County's workforce challenges run the spectrum of job and industry needs. The Chamber is seeking your input to better understand and assists employers with the workforce challenges.

The Chamber will use that information to help survey-takers customize a plan of action and needs assessment to find solutions to their specific workforce challenges. We will assist in identifying resources offered by us and/or within the community to help those individual organizations chart a path to success. This customized offering is unlike any in the community and is complimentary just for taking the survey!

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey.

For more information, please contact Anna Ramos of the Lancaster Chamber at or 717.397.3531.