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New American Economy Immigration Report

In November 2016, the Lancaster Chamber partnered with New American Economy and other local organizations to release the New American Economy Immigration Report, which outlined the significant contributions of our foreign-born neighbors to the Lancaster County Economy and Community.

Read the New American Economy Immigration Report



Read our new 2019 Immigrant Integration plan: "Strengthening the Workforce by Welcoming Immigrant Contributions: Facts and Strategies".


Prosperity Indicator Community Conversation - Immigration Recap

In order to find ways to better leverage the insight and expertise of the local immigrant population and help ensure these individuals are able to flourish alongside their neighbors, the Chamber hosted an Issue Conversation on April 5. The discussion featured presentations from representatives of New American Economy, who shared insights on the demographic and economic contributions of immigrants in Lancaster County and how they compare to other communities. Then, a panel of service providers, including representatives from ASSETS and Literacy Council of Lancaster-Lebanon, as well as local employers from the agriculture industry, hospitality industry and more, shared how they are supporting and integrating new Americans - and how other businesses can do the same.

Check Out the Slides from the New American Economy Portion of the Presentation


Stories of Courage

New Americans are finding their niche in our local economy and community. Read some of their inspiring stories, below:

ServSafe, Citizenship and French Macarons: Sylvie Bonin's Story

Never too Late to Learn: Ibsitu Asbaa's Story

To Be Here is a Dream: Maria and Yunier's Story


Additional Resources

Map the Impact - Learn how foreign born residents have impacted the economies of various cities, states and congressional districts across the United States in this interactive map.

"Is there a Link Between Refugees and U.S. Crime Rates?" - New American Economy, February 7, 2017