Check out the 2016 #IMPACTLANCASTER Challenge stories, below. And special thanks to our #IMPACTLANCASTER Initiative Signature Sponsor, E4 Strategic Consultancy, and our #IMPACTLANCASTER Innovation Challenge Gold Sponsor, Emerald Asset Management, for their generous support of the 2016 initiative!


#IMPACTLANCASTER Leadership Challenge 2016 Team Stories:

Ephrata National Bank: Banking On Our Future $500 Grand Prize-Winning Team and $100 Social Media Prize Winner)

Hand's Woods Restoration Project - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

ECORE: #TeamUpAgainstHunger Food Drive - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

Friendship Community: Meaningful Day Academy

Impact Trash Dragons: Mobile Community Clean-Up/Art Project

Junior League of Lancaster, PA: Education for Local Teens Aging Out of Foster Care

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Association: Expanded Joint Employee Safety and Wellness Program

Lancaster Tree Tenders: Urban Tree Planting Project

LNP Volunteer Corps: Community Support Project

RETTEW: Stormwater Management Public Awareness Campaign

Warfel Construction: Business Community Pay-It-Forward Initiative


#IMPACTLANCASTER Leadership Challenge 2016 Team Stories:

Art of Recycle: Art is a Necessity - $500 Grand Prize-Winning Team; $100 Social Media Prize Winner; and the $100 Community Choice Award Winner

LNP Volunteer Corps: Online Volunteer Corner - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

Lancaster Recreation Commission: Expanded Big Green Gym Park Workouts - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

Dawn Biologic: Building Soil 

Kelly Pentz: Naloxone Dispenser Project


#IMPACTLANCASTER Connection Challenge 2016 Team Stories (winners to be announced, soon):

iwannabea - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

Therapeutic Arts for Veterans - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

PARK(ing) Day - $100 Social Media Prize Winner

Cover Crops Campaign


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