Go Green

Going green. Being environmentally responsible. Becoming eco-friendly. Reducing your carbon footprint. Regardless of how you describe it, it’s a national trend that can’t be ignored. And unlike most trends, our community’s commitment to living, working and playing while minimizing our impact on the environment is here to stay.

To that end, The Chamber is doing its part by making a commitment to connecting businesses to resources to help companies implement green thinking in their purchasing, day-to-day operations and employees’ lifestyles at work and in the community. Through this site, The Chamber provides an opportunity to learn from one another and share ideas.

The Chamber's Sustainability Survey - To ensure Lancaster County remains economically vibrant, environmentally sound and community-focused, it requires members of the private sector to take action. The Chamber encouraged our investors to fill out a quick member survey regarding sustainability. The survey calculated what motivated them to take steps toward sustainability and assess how valuable they think incorporating sustainability into their brand is. [View summarized report of the survey]

 Chamber Defines Sustainability: Sustainability is the convergence of people (your employees and community), planet (your interaction with and use of the environment) and performance (strengthening your businesses so that you can thrive). It’s about succeeding today, tomorrow and in the distant future for our communities, our world and the health of our economies. Put in the simplest of terms, sustainability includes all things that sustain communities and businesses over time.


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PNC’s nationally recognized commitment to green business practices has enabled us to lower costs, increase efficiency and productivity as well as enhance the communities where people live, work and play. As an example, PNC has more buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building Council than any company on Earth. For more information on how PNC is “going green” visit pnc.com.