Community Prosperity Hub

The Community Prosperity Hub is focused on creating the environment for businesses and individuals to work collaboratively to solve problems and address opportunities that will build a more thriving and prosperous community for all.

When a business community is thriving, quality of life for the broader community is enhanced. This can lead to the creation of more jobs, the retention and attraction of a skilled workforce, more affordable housing and increased access to education.

Under the Community Prosperity Hub, we’ve moved away from the traditional model of Chamber membership and have transitioned to an investment model, where organizations in our community that believe in our mission and vision can come alongside us through engagement and financial investment.

Working Together

From participating in community impact-focused think tanks to networking and building partnerships with a diverse group of local professionals to engaging with and learning from thought leaders about broad business and community issues, Investors in the Community Prosperity Hub will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to solve problems and leverage the opportunities that will make Lancaster County even better for ALL.