BB&T Business Center

The BB&T Business Center, powered by the Lancaster Chamber, is a cornerstone of our Business Success Hub initiative. It is the place that will help people thrive and businesses excel.

Make Meaningful Connections

In today’s environment, the Chamber firmly believes that person-to-person interaction is still imperative – perhaps more so than ever. The Lancaster Chamber's Business Success Hub initiative and our BB&T Business Center provides even more opportunities for peers in the business community to gather, engage and connect around common interests; and to accelerate ideas, opportunities and solutions. Likewise, individuals will find a welcoming place at the BB&T Business Center to conduct research or use for thinking or touch down space. Companies may use it for meetings and training.

An Accessible and Welcoming Place

The BB&T Business Center, powered by the Lancaster Chamber, is the new “front door” for County business. It is more accessible because membership is not required, everyone is welcome.

This exciting and easily-accessible place is a hub of connectivity, programming and resources for people and organizations. It provides an environment for learning, connecting and collaborating – on your own, or through the Lancaster Chamber offerings hosted there. With your participation, the Business Success Hub and BB&T Business Center will be catalysts for having a greater impact individually and collectively.

A Catalyst for Greater Impact

The BB&T Business Center is a great gathering place and center of information. But much of our Business Success Hub work facilitating and partnering to accelerate ideas, opportunities and solutions happen outside our office walls. From supporting very public initiatives to quietly guiding early conversations, the Lancaster Chamber is hard at work – throughout Lancaster County – as a catalyst for greater impact – on people thriving, businesses excelling and communities prospering.