Helping People Thrive.
A community that invests in its current and future leaders is a community that reaps the benefits of new thinking, innovation and creative solutions, all of which leads to a stronger, more prosperous business environment.

Employees are an organization's greatest assets. When employees are successful in their positions and thriving, they do their best work for their employers and go above and beyond as not only engaged members of the workforce, but also of the community.

The Chamber is committed to providing the knowledge, training and resources necessary to equip the entire local workforce, at all stages in their careers, regardless of profession or industry, with the expertise needed to excel by helping fill the skills gaps identified by employers.

Helping Businesses Excel.
Business growth and profitability are an important measure of success not only for business owners, but as an indication of our community’s prosperity.

Through the Chamber you can access thousands of business and community leaders, foster relationships that will drive collaborations, new ideas and creative thinking to enhance your workplace and our community. Build your network of support and discuss challenges and find solutions to issues impacting your organization, function and/or industry.

Helping Communities Prosper.
A prosperous community needs thriving individuals and successful businesses, and it also needs the support and involvement of the business community to help maximize opportunities and solve challenges.

Our economy, and the overall prosperity of our county, depends not on a few large businesses, but on the thousands of decisions made by smaller companies every day. In Lancaster County, every business and every single person matters.

The more we can all work together, sharing ideas and discussing opportunities, the more everyone in our community benefits.


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