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Chamber YPN… What it's all about?

The Young Professional Network (YPN) provides young professionals (YPs) (suggested age 40 years and under) with a setting to build relationships and develop professionally. The program also helps to cultivate these future leaders and provide them with opportunities for making connections and developing their careers so that they can help shape the future of Lancaster County.

How do I or my employees get involved:

If you or your employees are interested in being a part of the Young Professional Network, please complete the signup form or contact Ashley Garcia at 717.397.3531.

Is there a fee to join the Young Professional Network?

There is no fee to join YPN - it is an added bonus of membership with The Lancaster Chamber. If your business or organization is a member of The Chamber, you are too!

What's in it for me or my employees?

  • Connect with like-minded professionals and other under 40's.
  • Enhance your professional development at various young professional-focused events and programs.
  • Mix and mingle with seasoned business professionals who've been there and can share their take on valuable lessons learned.
  • Be social through the YPN Blog and YPN Linkedin subgroup
  • Get discounted rates on designated Chamber programs and events
  • Subscribe to FlashDrive, a monthly young professional-focused enewsletter that offers tips and resources to help you succeed.
  • Receive assistance with speaker requests, book and resource recommendations to advance as a talented, creative and respected leader.

News, Information & Resources

Check out how you can enhance your knowledge through blogs, articles and more without leaving the office.These recommendations will give you the insight needed to advance as a talented, creative and respected leader.

YPN Spotlight – Featuring a new young professional each month

Each month you'll get a chance to meet a fellow YP through our YPN Spotlight. To check out recently featured YPs, Click Here. This month get to know David Houtz of MVE Group.

Name: David Houtz
Title: Project Manager Lighting and Energy Efficiencies 
Company: MVE Group

Job Responsibilities: MVE Group and the KWR Department (Kilo watt Reduction) is responsible for helping customers save money by reducing their electric usage.  Converting existing offices, warehouses, and exterior lighting to LED is one way to do so.  I am responsible for selling, coordinating installation and man power, tracking jobs costs, working with the owners and ultimately responsible for the projects from start to finish in every aspect. 
Resources: (favorite app, book, magazine, article reference, blog, twitter follower, etc...)  I really enjoy reading articles on Linkedin.  I spend a few minutes every morning skimming through and reading articles that catch my interest.  Anything from personal development to Sustainability. 
Latest Nugget of Knowledge:  I found that as I continue to grow with the organization it is important not to forget where you started. I started for MVE Group as a labor and basically you do all the dirty work. Those employees are just as important as your Master Electrician and checking in with them to see how they are doing and if they need any assistance of any kind is valuable to their growth as well as the business. 

  • As a young professional, what has been the most valuable part of getting involved with the Lancaster Chamber and YPN?
    Like Ramsey Sybel, I am Core Class 2018 graduate (best class ever) of Leadership Lancaster.  Going through that program for roughly 9 months was the most fulfilling experience for me personally and professionally.  The people I met and the activities that we did each time we met reinforced how much Lancaster has to offer and fortunate we are. YPN has really been valuable in reinforcing relationships that with individuals within the community and getting to know who they are outside of the professional setting. 
  • What do you love most about your industry?
    What I really enjoy about the Electrical trade is that every job is different and provides unique challenges at every turn.  Technology is always changing so learning new products and control systems keeps the job interesting. 
  • How do you like to spend your time off?
    I recently started to get in to golf. I have joined a Wednesday night league and its fun to be on the course and relax while trying to hit the tiny white ball in the cup 300 plus yards away.  



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