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Chamber YPN… What it's all about?

The Young Professional Network (YPN) provides Lancaster Chamber member young professionals (YPs) (suggested age 40 years and under) with a setting to build relationships and develop professionally. The program also helps to cultivate these future leaders and provide them with opportunities for making connections and developing their careers so that they can help shape the future of Lancaster County.

How do I or my employees get involved:

If you or your employees are interested in being a part of the Young Professional Network, please complete the signup form or contact Ashley Garcia at 717.397.3531.

Is there a fee to join the Young Professional Network?

There is no fee to join YPN - it is an added bonus of membership with The Lancaster Chamber. If your business or organization is a member of The Chamber, you are too!

What's in it for me or my employees?

  • Connect with like-minded professionals and other under 40's.
  • Enhance your professional development at various young professional-focused events and programs.
  • Mix and mingle with seasoned business professionals who've been there and can share their take on valuable lessons learned.
  • Be social through the YPN Blog and YPN Linkedin subgroup
  • Get discounted rates on designated Chamber programs and events
  • Subscribe to FlashDrive, a monthly young professional-focused enewsletter that offers tips and resources to help you succeed.
  • Receive assistance with speaker requests, book and resource recommendations to advance as a talented, creative and respected leader.

What's coming up?

Here's how you can get involved and start making connections!

  • YPN Skills Accelerator  - Authentic Leadership
    March 2 from 8 to 10 a.m. at Lancaster Bible College

    featuring Kedren Crosby, Chris Peterson and Sarah Colantonio of Work Wisdom

    Leadership is for everyone, not just those at the top of an organizational chart. True influence and thought leadership come from those who intentionally figure out their purpose, grow in self-awareness, develop connections with others and realize that leadership is actually a two-way conversation. Join Crosby, Peterson and Colantonio to discover and workshop 12 essential (but all too rare!) practices to lay the foundation for how you will lead authentically in both work and in life. Register Today / More Information

News, Information & Resources

Check out how you can enhance your knowledge through blogs, articles and more without leaving the office.These recommendations will give you the insight needed to advance as a talented, creative and respected leader.

YPN Spotlight – Featuring a new young professional each month

Each month you'll get a chance to meet a fellow YP through our YPN Spotlight. To check out recently featured YPs, Click Here. This month get to know Kyle Amor of Arconic Global Rolled Products:

Name: Travis Oot, CPA
Title: Senior Accountant
Company: Trout, Ebersole & Groff, LLP (TEG)

Job Responsibilities: At TEG I am responsible for overseeing client accounts as well as working on tax returns (business and personal), accounting and auditing services, business valuations and other various business consulting engagements. My prime focus within these areas include funeral homes, not-for-profits, small businesses and individuals.

Resources: (favorite app, book, magazine, article reference, blog, twitter follower, etc…): 

  • App: Intuit Mint is a great app to track personal finances including income and expenses throughout the year, as well as manage budgets and transactions.
  • Online Publication: Central Penn Business Journal is my way of staying up to date every day with current events in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Social Media: In lieu of social media, I prefer social interaction. My favorite forms of social interaction include playing in recreational sports leagues and attending various firm mixers. As a business professional it is easy to get caught up with technology and social media, but everyone should try to get out and be active when possible.

Latest Nugget of Knowledge: There's a lot of knowledge to go around out there, so I thought I'd let someone else talk about it... Google these videos and watch them at least once, maybe twice...
Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen
Alan Watts - What If Money Was No Object

    As a transplant to the area, YPN has helped me connect with many locals in the Lancaster area. I have learned from attending events and seminars; made business connections; and even drank an adult beverage or two all while attending YPN events. It has opened up doors and opportunities for future growth for my company and for myself as a person and business professional.
    Accountants are often times seen as dull, unapproachable and over calculated people. I strive to change that stigma and show others that there are "non stereotypical accountants" out there. In our profession it is very important to be detail oriented, trustworthy, committed, analytical, organized, etc... But it is just as important to have soft skills that make you approachable by other people. If you can't hold a conversation or drink a beer with your accountant, then it may be time for a new accountant.
    I would consider myself self-motivated, but driven by the need to succeed. I'm not going to get into the meaning of success, because everyone has a different meaning for it... But success is not given, it is earned. I have always been the type of person that once I tell myself to do something, I do it. I don't always succeed on the first attempt, or sometimes even the seventh, but if failure starts to creep into my mind, I have a way of "kicking it up a notch" to accomplish my goals and succeed. If people want something bad enough, they can and will achieve it.
    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." - Eric Thomas