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Chamber YPN… What it's all about?

The Young Professional Network (YPN) provides young professionals (YPs) (suggested age 40 years and under) with a setting to build relationships and develop professionally. The program also helps to cultivate these future leaders and provide them with opportunities for making connections and developing their careers so that they can help shape the future of Lancaster County.

How do I or my employees get involved:

If you or your employees are interested in being a part of the Young Professional Network, please complete the signup form or contact Ashley Garcia at 717.397.3531.

Is there a fee to join the Young Professional Network?

There is no fee to join YPN - it is an added bonus of membership with The Lancaster Chamber. If your business or organization is a member of The Chamber, you are too!

What's in it for me or my employees?

  • Connect with like-minded professionals and other under 40's.
  • Enhance your professional development at various young professional-focused events and programs.
  • Mix and mingle with seasoned business professionals who've been there and can share their take on valuable lessons learned.
  • Be social through the YPN Blog and YPN Linkedin subgroup
  • Get discounted rates on designated Chamber programs and events
  • Subscribe to FlashDrive, a monthly young professional-focused enewsletter that offers tips and resources to help you succeed.
  • Receive assistance with speaker requests, book and resource recommendations to advance as a talented, creative and respected leader.

News, Information & Resources

Check out how you can enhance your knowledge through blogs, articles and more without leaving the office.These recommendations will give you the insight needed to advance as a talented, creative and respected leader.

YPN Spotlight – Featuring a new young professional each month

Each month you'll get a chance to meet a fellow YP through our YPN Spotlight. To check out recently featured YPs, Click Here. This month get to know Joe Ferderbar of Signarama and Oola Bowls

Name: Joe Ferderbar
Title: Owner/Operations Manager (Signarama)
Partner (Oola Bowls)
Company:  Signarama, Oola Bowls

Job Responsibilities: 
At Signarama I think of my responsibilities as being in 3 main areas:
I work with our team to develop goals and create systems that attack those goals within our different departments. 

I spend a lot of time meeting with clients to consult on their signage needs and discuss how our team can add the most value to what they are doing. Sometimes this is just making people around Lancaster aware of what we can do and how we can help.

The third responsibility I call being the culture protector.  I believe very strongly that we can't give our clients great service if our team members don't genuinely enjoy their job.  I do my best to engage with our staff to ensure that they know they are valued and have all of the tools they need to do their job.

Resources: (favorite app, book, magazine, article reference, blog, twitter follower, etc...)
I believe really strongly in reading but I recently had a mentor ask me recently what I listen to when I drive in the car.  When I told him I listen to sports talk, he was quick to ask me, somewhat rhetorically, how much closer sports talk radio has helped me get towards my goals?  When I couldn't answer he recommended
The Entreleadership Podcast hosted by Ken Coleman. Since then that has been my go to for continued learning. The episodes have a wide variety of topics and guests which is great. There's always at least one takeaway or "win" that can help me improve some area of my life and business. 

Latest Nugget of Knowledge:
In some way shape or form my most recent nuggets have had to do with the idea of being consistently intentional in my actions. Since I like this stuff too much for just one, I will share two that have really stuck with me recently.1. "You don't get what you want by doing what you want to do.
  You get what you want, by doing what you know you need to do."
2. The other is "Little hinges swing big doors"

Both make you think a little, but in combination it just means that we all can generally identify what we need to do to be successful, that part is easy. We often fall short of our goals because we are unable to put those actions into practice consistently, over a prolonged period of time. When we recognized what we need to do and practice those actions, however insignificant they might seem, over and over and over that's when goals are much more likely to be achieved.  Goals and achievements have to be earned in that way.

    I would say for me the most valuable part of the Lancaster Chamber and YPN has been the relationships that I have been able to develop.  There are always people to meet and learn from. Just recently in fact, I started Oola Bowls with Brock Snider, whom I first met a few years ago at a YPN mixer. You never know the stories you will hear or what you can learn from a person and getting to meet such a wide variety of people has been invaluable for me both personally and professionally.

    Ill speak on this from the perspective of Signarama first. 

    I love being doing signage and branding because I think that small businesses and small business owners are amazing and I always wanted to be an entrepreneur growing up.  These are people who take risks, find solutions to problems, create jobs, and drive innovation.  My job at Signarama is to hear their stories and help them develop or improve the first impressions that their businesses will give.   There is something really profound about that for our team and we take that level of trust that our clients have in us very seriously.  It is just so cool to meet so many different people and help so many businesses in Lancaster represent themselves. 

    In regards to Oola, two of the things that I tell people about when describing Lancaster is the variety of great food and the history of the Lancaster Central Market.  The fact that we have been able to have a small role in both the market and the food scene is super humbling and exciting for us.

    I grew up playing sports so I do my best to stay active as I get older.  I still play lacrosse, golf, kickball, and ice hockey.  My wife and I also have friends and family scattered all over the country so we do our best to travel and see them.  We love to eat and we probably spend more time than we should going out to dinner and trying new restaurants in Lancaster.


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