Statement on Prevailing Wage

The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry supports the repeal of Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage Act. We believe this antiquated law continues to add additional costs to Pennsylvania taxpayers, resulting in diminished economic development opportunities throughout the Commonwealth. The Lancaster Chamber believes the prevailing wage:

  • Results in a significant increase in compliance costs to Pennsylvania contractors
  • Disrupts local economies by mandating costs which are not truly reflective of those localities
  • Does not permit use of the most cost-effective building methods
  • Increases construction costs for non-government projects, decreases employment of construction workers, and discriminates against minority and women construction workers
  • Discourages many good contracting firms from bidding on publicly-financed construction projects

The Chamber supports the total repeal of the Act and supports any activity to eliminate segments of the Prevailing Wage Act. The Lancaster Chamber also endorses the concept of specifically exempting public school construction projects from the realms of the Act.

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