Agriculture Equipment Transportation

Current laws governing the transport of agriculture equipment do not align with modern farming practices.  Many farmers perform jobs and share equipment that requires travel between farms, but current law prohibits travel on roadways after sunset for vehicles over 8 feet wide.  The law – last amended in the 1970s – does not take into consideration 21st century farming practices or updated safety features on farming vehicles.

Further, agricultural vehicles have grown in size and become more technologically advanced as efficiency and specialization have become increasingly important.  In addition, many farmers no longer own their own equipment, but share specialized commercial services such as custom harvesting, planting and manure hauling vehicles.  In conflict with this practice, current law applies different rules for moving farm equipment on roads based solely on who owns the equipment, which is certainly not an indicator of safety.

Chamber Position
The Chamber supports updating current law that will allow for the safe, legal and practical transportation of farm equipment on public roads.

The Chamber urges state legislators to craft legislation that:
     • Amends Title 75, Vehicles, to allow for the movement of implements of husbandry 
       (tractors and other agricultural vehicles) on roads in Pennsylvania. 
     • Increases the size of implements of husbandry permitted on roads during the
       day for producers using equipment from 14 feet 6 inches to 16 feet, with additional
        safety precautions and proper lighting.
     • Allows for the movement of equipment from 14 feet 6 inches to 16 feet at night with
        proper precautions, including an escort vehicle and proper lighting. 


Approved, as amended:                 Chair:                             Date:
Agriculture Committee                    Steve Hershey             February 18, 2010
Advocacy Council                             Shari Franey                March 5, 2010 
Executive Committee                      Kim Smith                    March 8, 2010   
Board of Directors                            Kim Smith                   March 16, 2010 

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