WHEREAS, The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry serves as the County’s business voice, representing nearly a third of all businesses and over half of its employees; and


WHEREAS, an immediate and emerging threat to the business fabric of Lancaster County – and the nation – is a federal legislative proposal known as the “Employee Free Choice Act,” or “Card Check,” which eliminates private-ballot elections, sets unrealistic timelines for collective bargaining contracts and imposes stiff penalties on business for violations – but not labor; and

WHEREAS, employees should have the right of privacy and vote his or her conscience without fear of intimidation or reprisal in a private-ballot election; and

WHEREAS, under the legislation, once 50 percent of the workforce sign cards, employers would be forced to recognize a union and all workers would be forced into the union, whether they signed a card or even knew there was an organizing drive under way; and

WHEREAS, union organizers have no obligation to tell an employer it is launching an organization drive; and

WHEREAS, if a first collective bargaining contract is not reached within 120 days, the matter goes before an arbitrary arbitrator, who unilaterally rules on a contract binding for two years; and

WHEREAS, stiff penalties would be imposed on business for unfair action against a worker during an organiz­ing drive, but the same penalties do not apply to unions; and   

WHEREAS, in a time of economic uncertainty, additional challenges and distractions to businesses are the last thing that should be considered by the federal government:  Now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, That Board of The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry express their complete opposition to the “Employee Free Choice Act” because it undermines the long-standing principles of workplace democracy and fairness by restructuring 60 years of labor law in a severely negative way for business; and be it further


RESOLVED, That The Chamber urges the Pennsylvania congressional and senate delegation to soundly reject the legislation; and be it further

RESOLVED, That The Chamber partner with businesses and associations in a united effort to defeat the legislation.


Approved by the Board of Directors, January 20, 2009


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